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Call for Papers - Pattani 1999

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>Southeast Asia into the 21st Century: Critical Transitions, Continuity and
>The Prince of Songkla University will be hosting the Fourth ASEAN
>Inter-University Seminars on Social Development which will be held from
>16-18 June 1999 in Pattani, Thailand. The conference theme is "Southeast
>Asia into the 21st Century: Critical Transitions, Continuity and Change".
>Since the Third ASEAN Seminar in Pekanbaru, Southeast Asia has been rocked
>by a series of crises just as the twentieth century is coming to a close.
>Even though economic and political issues have dominated the news, its
>impact on the social development of this region cannot be ignored. This
>upcoming conference in Pattani is timely. By June 1999, we hope that the
>initial shock of the recent events has worn off and we will be able to
>assess the impact of the current crisis across the different countries. We
>will also be able to compare the extent to which the various segments of
>society have been affected and look to see where we go from here.
>The number of topics has been expanded since the last seminar to better
>accommodate the breadth of the papers found in an inter-disciplinary
>conference. Topics such as science and technology, and social values have
>been added to continuing concerns such as the family, poverty and
>industrialisation. While we hope that topics chosen will both cover the
>diverse concerns of social development and reflect the inter-disciplinary
>nature of the conference, we welcome papers that fall outside the range of
>topics as we would like the conference to provide a catalyst for stimulating
>discussions and new ideas.
>There will be a limited number of travel fellowships for participants from
>the ASEAN countries. Please contact the ASEAN Seminar Secretariat for more
>30 March 1999 deadline
>The purpose of the seminar series is to enrich the social scientific
>knowledge of the region by providing a platform for the communication
>between individuals who have a scholarly interest in the Southeast Asian
>For papers to be considered, an abstract of less than 250 words should be
>sent to the seminar secretariat by 30 March 1999. Completed papers should
>reach the secretariat by 30 April 1999. One hard copy should be submitted
>along with a soft-copy with specifications of the software used.
>Notification of acceptance of the paper will be sent on receipt of the
>abstract. Papers should be camera-ready and should not exceed 20 pages,
>single-spacing on A4 paper. Selected papers from this seminar may be
>included in a future publication.
>The panels will be organised according to the following ten topics:
>1.	Rural/Urban Poverty and Inequality
>2.	Industrialisation and Labour Regimes
>3.	Family Strategies and Survival in Southeast Asia
>4.	Gender, Economy and Politics
>5.	Security and Strategic Relations in Southeast Asia
>6.	The Local and the Region in Development
>7.	Science, Technology and Society
>8.	Globalisation, Crisis and Local Response
>9.	Values and Myths: Ancient and Modern
>10.	Environment and Society
>Suggestions for the organisation of panels are welcome. For suggestions and
>inquiries, please contact the:
>ASEAN Seminar Secretariat
>Department of Sociology
>10 Kent Ridge Crescent
>Singapore 119260
>Telephone (65) 874-3827
>Fax (65) 777-9579
>E-mail: sochay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>E-mail: sochokc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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