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NLD Statement 102 (English)

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 102 (11/98)

Contents of letter dated 6 November 1998 from the Chairman of the 
National League for Democracy to the Chairman of the State Peace and 
Development Council regarding the closure and termination of its 
organising committees in the townships are herewith published for 

"(beginning) 	1. The National League for Democracy was legally 
registered as a political party on 27 September 1998 with the Multiparty 
Democratic Elections Commission and is operating with the national 
interest as its goal.

	2. The military  intelligence service personnel have been illegally and 
without any justification exercising excessive authority in arresting 
and imprisoning its elected representatives to parliament, its members 
organising committees and other ordinary members who have committed no 
offence whatsoever but have been performing their duties and operating 
within the laws in force. Some members have been falsely charged with 
criminal offences and heavy penalties imposed on them.

	3. Besides the above, the military intelligence is illegally and 
without justification forcing and putting pressure on the persons so 
arrested to resign from the NLD. In addition, the families of the 
members are being persecuted.

	4. Not only have they forced the arrested members to resign but have 
forced them to illegally terminate and close down the branches of the 
NLD. Closure of branches can only be done by the NLD when there are 
necessary and sufficient grounds for so doing. Persecuting and forcing 
the closures of its branches is an unlawful act.

	5. The military intelligence personnel are actually making dark 
blotches in Burma's history in using force and persecuting the members 
of the National League for Democracy.

	6. We ask that the above operations be immediately halted and that the 
responsible individuals giving the directions for such activities be 
accordingly instructed. The National League for Democracy strenuously 
objects and denounces such activities. (end) "

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

9 November 1998.

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