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APEC: Burma comes in for criticism


      APEC: Burma comes in
      for criticism

      KUALA LUMPUR -- The United States
      circulated a draft at the Apec meeting here
      yesterday condemning the human-rights
      situation in Burma and called for support
      from the members. 

      Foreign Ministry spokesman Kobsak
      Chutikul said that the Thai delegation had
      received a draft and was studying the text. 

      He quoted Surin as saying that the situation
      in Burma should be considered within the
      framework of the United Nations. Thailand
      prefers the UN approach and supported the
      recent visit of UN special representative,
      Avaro de Soto, to Burma. The UN General
      Assembly is expected to deliberate on the
      situation in Burma soon. 

      During de Soto's visit last month to Burma
      he met leaders from the military junta as
      well as opposition leaders and discussed
      the possibility of UN-related agencies
      extending assistance in exchange for
      political reforms. 

      The spokesman said Burma had not yet
      joined Apec, so it was not appropriate to
      discuss the situation during the Kuala
      Lumpur summit. 

      The Nation