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NCUB Statement (in English)



<center>The National Council of the Union of Burma Statement on the
Blatant Crackdown on the National League for Democracy


<flushright>November 13, 1998


Not to mention the State Peace and Development Council mounting savage
and insulting actions on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for
Democracy in the form of SPDC-sponsored public opposition and opinion in
the divisions and states of Burma, at the moment, the NLD township
offices in Myit-Kyi-na, Waing Maw, Than-byu-za-ya, Bilin, Akyab etc, have
been closed down and the NLD representatives were also being coerced into
resignation. In this regard the NCUB hereby publiscized the following

1. Coerced resignation of the representatives, forced resignation of the
members from the NLD, and forced closure of the township NLD offices by
the SPDC are most treacherous and unlawful acts of the SPDC which the
SPDC must bear full responsibility as per consequences.

2. These violent acts of the SPDC testify to its inability to resolve the
prevailing crises and bare its profound weakness and desperation. Above
all these actions tantamount to horrendous crimes.

3. The NCUB strongly condemn the present insanity of the SPDC and
vehemently demand immediate cessation.

In conclusion, this testifies the desperation and imminent death-throes
of the SPDC. Also, this reveals the SPDC fear of the people and the NLD.
The NCUB exhorts all political parties, ethnic minorities and the people
to courageously escalate this paramount anti-military dictatorship
campaign with added impetus.