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TOTAL pictures/info

have a look at the Total Yadana pipeline.
you may have seen these, if not, the Total website, largely dedicated
to promoting the technological "industrial success" of the Yadana
pipeline, with pictures of the pipeline construction. Most of the annual
report type photos are in the frech version only, strange decision, all
of the defense of the controversial project is in the english edition.
it suggests the french dont give a damn what people say about them or
their industrial leaders.(They certainly have that much in common with
Slorc) Total ranks fith among french companies in the 95-96 company
survey, and surely still in the top ten this year. In the dozen top
stories i found on the net on total, by leading french economic
newspaper, only one word, one mention of "Birmanie" - Burma in French -
citing the fact that 50 percent of its gas resources come from the
Burma-Thai sector. Total is also partner with Unocal in a Gabon project,
along with Kerr Mac Gee and Reading Bates Falcon. In Angola it teams up
with Chevron. For 1997 fiscal year Total earned a record net 7.6 billion
francs. Last May, Thierry Desmarest was reelected President (CEO) of the
Total energy giant.Total now holds 5 percent in the French nuclear
mother company Cogema, seriously under criticism by Greenpeace for lying
about its continuing nuclear polution around the Hague northern region
sea coast and elsewhere in France. SeeGreenpeace website for details in
english. You may remember that Mitterand's french government sent secret
agents to blowup the Greenpeace vessel off Australia in the eighties...
They sunk it and killed a portuguse photographer. Nice people.Come to
Paris and enjoy the charming cafe hospitality, and insipid weather.
Clearly Total is taking a beating with the price drop of oil barrels.

anyway, see the pictures for yourself even if you dont read french.
you'd be surprised the number of french who dont understand a word of
english, well, okay, coke...


have a night sightseeing tour looking at the pipeline, Total hgq is
really very proud of their work, and goes to no short effort to say so
and show you why, so send them an email and tell them how you
appreciate it, you know, it wont do much but make them feel real good
about helping humanity share the splendid resources that
powerful big business technology can offer poor underdeveloped
nations, and anyway, Total knows dictators are easier to deal with
than elected officials, and seeing what happened last month in Columbia,
do you think SPDC can really protect the pipeline with all
the cyber electronic satellite heat sensing technology available?

does anyone know if France is now actively patrolling the pipeline, as
it is understood the oil companies are now using extensive national
security forces to protect their investment from national insurgencies.

its understood that the pipeline is now functional. would someone please
send dawnstar information on that.


ps Total believes the Yadana pipeline controversy is over, but its not.