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				NO.A-0693(I)            14th November, 1998

(1)		Bangladesh Foreign Minister Concludes Goodwill Visit
		Minister for Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Mr Abdus
Samadazad and his delegation left Yangon by air on 13 November morning at the
conclusion of their goodwill visit to Myanmar from 11 to 13 November at the
invitation of Minister for Foreign Affairs. During his stay Minister for
Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdus Samadazad paid a courtesy call on Vice-Chairman of
the State Peace and Development Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence
Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) General Maung Aye on 12 November. The
Bangladesh Foreign Minister also called on Minister for Commerce and discussed
matters relating to bilateral trade. The two Foreign Ministers held official
talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 12 November. They had an extensive
exchange of views on bilateral relations, and on matters of mutual interest.
They expressed their satisfaction on progress and bilateral relations,
particularly successful conclusion of the Myanmar-Bangladesh Land Boundary
Treaty and trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. They also
expressed their hope that the economic cooperation would  be expanded in the
framework of BIMST-EC. The two Foreign Ministers also exchanged views on the
establishment of joint Commission for cooperation between the Myanmar and
Bangladesh. The officials talks were followed by the signing ceremony of
Myanmar-Bangladesh Land Boundary Treaty on the North of the Naaf River and the
two Foreign Ministers put their signatures on behalf of their respective
Governments. The officials talks were successfully held in an atmosphere of
mutual understanding, and friendship reflecting the traditional ties of amity
between the two neighbouring countries.

(2)		Yangon Mayor and Party Back from Observation Tour
		A Myanmar delegation led by Chairman of Yangon City Development Committee
Mayor arrived back Yangon by air on 13 November morning after visiting
Singapore and Malaysia at the invitation of Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Mayor and party called on Minister for National Development Affairs Mr Lin Hng
Kiang at his office at 9 am on 5 November and discussed civil management
matters, traffic control and construction of housing estates. The Mayor then
called on Minister for Health and Environment Affairs Mr Yeo Chew Tong at the
office of the Ministry of Health at 11 am. They discussed health care,
environmental conservation and sending of trainees. Next, Mayor  met Economic
Development Board of Singapore led by Mr S Chandra Das who is doing business
in Myanmar. In the evening, they observed sanitary system being contracted by
Semax Company. 
On 9 November, Mayor called on Kuala Lumpur Mayor Tan Sri Kamaruzzan Sharif at
his office. They discussed mutual cooperation matters, social and economic
problems in the cities, traffic management, sanitation and revenue matters.
They viewed the traffic system under computer control and water supply to
Kuala Lumpur City. The mayor and party together with Minister for
International Economic and Industry of Malaysia Ms YB Dato Sri Rafidah Aziz
attended the opening ceremony of modern 
signboard factory of Metro Media Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in Nilai
industrial region on 
12 November.