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Press Release No. 39/98


				KNU Press Release No. 39/98
			Regarding Human Rights  Violation by SPDC
														November 10,1998

 Tonngoo District

* 3-10-98: Troops from SPDC army troops went in to villagers paddy 
fields at Bu-sa-khee area and shot at villagers while working in 
their paddy fields. No causality was reported. 

*Columns of SPDC army tactical command-2 and battalions from the 
southern command such as IB 26, 30,35,39,73 were practising their 
military activities continuously in the hill region of Tan-ta-bin 
township. These columns destroyed villagers paddy fields, and orchard 
and also shot and killed all villagers found.

*19-10-98 SPDC army troops captured Saw May May from Der Doe village 
and Saw Palet from Saw-mu-doe village and later killed them without 
and reason.

*20-10-98: SPDC army troops destroyed 13 paddy fields at Kaw-thay-doe 
village and 9 paddy fields at Si-hkeh-doe village.

*20-10-98: Troops from SPDC IB 26 shot and killed Thi Lay Pah, from 
Saw-mu doe village without any reason.

*21-10-98: SPDC army troops shot and ate away a Pig weighting 30 viss 
which belonged to Saw Terler at Pway Baw Doe village.

*23-10-98: At 9 AM. Troops from SPDC IB 30 forcibly Seize Saw Ta Moo 
Ner from Kaw Thay Doe village and used him as a porter, while 
arriving at Plo-mu-doe area he stepped on a land mine and lost one 

* 23-10-98: A combined column of SPDC army and some renegades of KNU 
making the number of 150 perform their military activities in Le-cha 
area, Tar-ta-bin township. These SPDC troops did not show up 
themselves that what battalion they belong to and they called 
themselves a special guerrilla force. These column gave lots of 
trouble to the villagers by means of not allowing villagers to go 
out and work out side the village, issued curfew order to the 
villages, not allowing the villagers to sell rice,  medicine and dry 
cell batteries. In Bon-mati area farmers who had their farm on the 
east bank of Sittang river were forced  relocated to the west bank.

*Troops from SPDC army battalions IB 232,34,59, and LIB 233 were 
picking villagers cardamom in Than-daung township and later they 
destroyed the cardamom plantations, and also paddy fields and 
orchards as well.

Pap-an -District.

*2-11-98: Troops from SPDC army IB 549 accused Kwee-pa-Htaw villagers 
that having contact with the KNU and as a result shot and killed Saw 
Po Han, age 60, with his 8 month old grand daughter without any 
reason on the spot. In addition this troops also shot at his nieces 
namely Ma Than Nyart, 12, Ma Hla Myint, 16 and Mu Pah Po, 8 and they 
were badly wounded. These troops also shot at villagers livestocks 
which 2 goats were killed and eaten and a cow was wounded which were 
owned by Naw Paw Sha from that village.