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Press Release No. 40/98


 					   KNU Press Release No.40/98
   				Regarding Human Rights  Violation by SPDC
              													November 11,1998

Thaton District

*	3-11-98   A column of SPDC army IB 96 went into Pet-Let-noe and 
killed Saw Pah Noe, age 36, without any reason.  They took away (2) 
Pairs of gold earrings, (4) gold rings, (2) pairs of gold bangles 
and (1) necklace making the total worth 300,000 Kyats, which belonged 
to Naw Kaw Moo, age 70. This column also took away house hold 
materials worth 50,000 Kyats from Tee Hsa Oo age 43.  They also 
severely beat Maung Win Naing, age, 30 and severely kicked Naw Pay 
Lay, age 32, until she was unconscious. In addition they killed and 
ate a pig worth 12,000 kyats belong to Naw Dah and ate all  chicken 
they could find in the village.

Toungoo District

*	Cardamom farmers in Thandaung township had to pay the sum of 
100,000 kyats monthly to each SPDC battalions such as the tactical 
command office located at Leik-Tho  IB 123, IB 34 and IB 53 in 

Nyaung Le-Bin District

*	15.10.98 a special force from SPDC army known as Sa-Thone-Lone 
went into Thit-Cha-Seik village, Kyauk-Kyi township and burned down 2 
houses belonged to Nga Soe and Tin Win who were the village head man 
the secretary respectively. In the mean time that army also shelled 3 
rounds of 79 mm at Taing-bin village which killed Naw Mu Lay, age 8, 
and Naw Dah Dah age 2 who were the daughters of Po Thauk Kya who was 
a village Head man.

*	22.10.98 SPDC special army Sa-Thoue-Lone led by commander Shan Bu 
arrested 4 Twani-gon villagers namely Saw La Hei, Saw Ka Bwe, Saw 
Maung Nyunt Po and Saw Po Shaw Gay and took  them away from the 
village and brutally killed them near Haw-Kho Gaw village.

Pa-pun District

*	10.10.98 Some troops of SPDC army went into Wee-lo-to-Hta and Shot 
kill a villager named Saw Thoo age 15 with out any reason. On that 
day these troops proceeded to Plo-Hta and Htee- Hsaw Khee villagers 
and burned down 7 houses owned by Saw PU, Saw Di Di, Pah Thu, Naw Keh 
Paw, Naw kLer Loo, Saw Nay Moo and Naw Khin Paw respectively.

*	14-10-98 SPDC troops went to Teh-Bo-Plaw village and burned down 2 
paddy barns owned by Saw Maung Kwai and Saw Theh Kaw contained 50 
baskets and 20 basked of paddy respectively.

Word & abbreviation :  KNU = Karen National Union ( Political wing of 
the resistance); SPDC= State Peace and Development Council ( Military 
dictatorship of Burma); IB Infantry Battalion; Kyat= Name of Burmese