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re the following post of extract from article by Bernstein and Kean on
the Burma--Singapore drug connection. Unfortunately there was very
little new information in the article. I would like to know if anyone
can post it what has the DEA been doingin Singapore. Are they working in
cooperation with the CIA and State Dept there or fighting against one
another. There has been some very good reporting and published
material on the DEA and its criticism of the Reagan-Bush "War on Drugs"
farce, re Iran Contra, Panama. See Cocaine Politics by Scott and
Marshall, Deep Cover by ex DEA agent Michael Levine, etc. I could cite
dozens of books on the drug war subject, and if you have some to cite
lets exchange references. Perhaps Wrobleski decided just to "Take the
Money" instead of "Just Say No". That would fall in line with a lot
about the CIA and drugs since the fifties. Does anyone have the names
revealed by Khun Sa to Bo Gritz during his POW MIA mission into Laos on
high ranking US govt officials behind the drug trade.

Or the ex CIA director William Colby's connection with the Nugan Hand
Bank? Do any of you have information on these subjects? Remember, two
years ago he supposedly drowned behind his Washington vacation house
after falling out of his canoe, and the world press bought it! A CIA
icon going back to the OSS WWII days, and Vietnam Phoenix.

Wrobleski's lack of morals can be severely attacked, but her
pragmatism goes unchecked. She has experience from the dubious drug wars
of the Nixon-Carter-Reagan-Bush presidencies. Wrobleski knows a lot more
about the drug*traffic than she is willing to say. And now she is
working with the CIA guys. Remember,you never leave the CIA once you are
in, unless you turn like Stockton or Marchetti. And hell, in Washington,
she had the CIA crawling all over her. Does anyone know her background.
Did SHE ever work for the agency? How did she get the job anyway?

Ironically, Ann B. Wrobleski, president of the firm, was the architect
of Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign. As the Assistant Secretary of
State for the Bureau for International Narcotics Matters from 1986 to
1989, she advocated the denial of U.S. anti-narcotics aid to the junta
in 1989 until a government supported by the people was in power.

In a 1989 statement to the House of Representatives Task Force on
Narcotics Control Wrobleski said that "prospects are for expanded
cultivation of what is already the world's largest supply of illicit
opium in Burma."  Her State Department report the same year predicted
accurately that Burma's opium production would continue to increase and
that "the military regime is unlikely to resume any significant
anti-narcotics activity for the near future.

Does anyone know if her bureau brought to US justice any drug
traffickers from Burma during her three years at State Narcotics? What
did the US taxpayer get for their money but more drug reports? Any drug

Yet Wrobleski's crusade against drugs seems to have made on about-face
she moved to Jefferson Waterman International. Her newsletter Myanmar
Monitor praises the military regime for making great progress in
drugs - information which runs contrary to the current Narcotics
Control Report from her old department and the statements of Madeleine
Albright and President Clinton. "Western countries are turning a blind
to Myanmar's narcotics control efforts" proclaims a January issue, while
other headlines read "SPDC makes headway in Narcotics controls and
serious about conquering drug trade."

Services provided by Jefferson Waterman also include "strategic counsel"
"up-to-the-minute intelligence on how Washington views the foreign
according to company information. 

Both the CEO of Jefferson Waterman International, Charles E. Waterman,
the Senior Vice-President, Samuel H. Wyman, 
were formerly officers for the CIA --  Wyman for 31 years. 

Does anyone have an bio on these two guys, and what they were doing at
the CIA?
Were they agents in Southeast Asia, Burma? Vietnam? Cambodia? Laos? Who
knows, they
may be part of the rogue agents who had their hands full of dope in the
Golden Triangle
during the Vietnam War. That was also Khun Sa's territory.

A second firm, Bain and Associates, is receiving $21,500 per month plus
expenses from the Burmese construction company Zay Kobor - which has
links to the highest levels of Burma's government -  to improve the
image of
the regime in the media.  

As far as drug money goes, that's a drop in the ocean.

With "exclusive permission from the Myanmar
government," Bain sponsored an invitation-only media tour to Burma from
February 24-27. Bain representative Laura Livingston suggested to
participants that they write about the fact that "through mass drug
burnings, strong anti-drug policies and innovative crop-substitution
programs, the government is committed to wiping out the scourge of opium
drugs in present-day Myanmar."  Livingston said that response from
journalists to her invitation was so enthusiastic that Bain doubled the
number of participants and had to turn others away. As a result, more
are being planned. 

WHO WENT  on these tours, what articles were published, by what papers.
Does anyone
know, feedback appreciated. TOTAL ran press tours like this with full
cooperation from
French embassy. If a US pr firm does it too, the french were first. but
did they
get their money's worth or not?

re. "Regional  Commander  Agrees  To Assist  In  The  Search  for  The
World War II Aircraft", what about US POW/MIAs lost in Laos during the
CIA's long secret war there, mixed with drugs. Hey, Merrill's Mauraders,
Stilwell, Wingate and
the Kachin Levys were wonderful. President Kennedy had Roger Hilsman in
the White House,
a veteran commando from the Burma Campaign, Operation Galahad was
heroic, but
lets not lose sight of what they were fighting for, freedom from the
and bloodshed of the oppressor or a better cut in the spoils. 

It was a long time ago, over 50 years. Is it fair to ask what
they were fighting for in Burma? Independence? The CIA went back 
there with the Chiang Kai-shek's KMT druglords and the rest is

free burma