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Hope to lick U.S ???

Myanmar agrees to help U.S. look for lost planes
06:54 a.m. Nov 11, 1998 Eastern

YANGON, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Myanmar's government said on Wednesday it would
help the United States gather information and search for downed World War
Two aircraft in northern Kachin State.

A Myanmar government statement said northern regional commander Major
General Kyaw Win had agreed to a recent U.S. government request to help
gather information on aircraft downed in the area during the war.

It added that the Myanmar government was ready and willing to extend its
support to any countries seeking to trace remains of soldiers and airmen who
lost their lives during years of bloody fighting between Imperial Japanese
and Allied forces in Myanmar.

In December 1996 Myanmar officials handed the remains of the crew and
wreckage of a U.S. Air Force C-47 which crashed in Kachin to U.S. embassy
officials, the statement said.