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/* posted 25 Sep 1998 by nldburma@ in igc:reg.burma */
/* -------" NLD STATEMENTS NO.71 AND 94 "----------- */

National League for Democracy
No: (97/b) West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

Statement No: 71 (9/98)

1. NLD members that have been illegally arrested since
the 27 May 1998
by the authorities are:-
Elected Parliament members     200
Organising committee members from all levels  712

These arrests are illegal and in complete violation of
the "rule of law"  which the authorities proclaim.

2. The authorities claim that the purpose of such
arrests are for  "discussions" to look good in the eyes
of the people and the  international community.

3. Their claim is absolutely false, ( repeat absolutely
false). The  questions that are put to them which have
to be answered will bear  evidence to this fact. Some of
these questions are:-

(1) What is your attitude to the present political
direction being taken  by the NLD?
(2) What are your views regarding the convening of
parliament by the  NLD?
(3) What are your predictions about  the consequences if
the Parliament is not convened?
(4) If the Parliament is convened how will it impact on
the politics,  economics, education, and social welfare
of the country?
(5) What is your attitude towards the State Peace and
Development  Council?
(6) What is your attitude towards the authorities for
arresting you?

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

23 September 1998.

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 94 (10/98)

1. The Military Intelligence Service has illegally
arrested and held NLD  parliamentarians, NLD members of
organising committees (States,  Divisions, Townships,
Wards, and Villages), and ordinary members for no
legitimate reason but purely out of spite making a
mockery of the "rule  of law " which is being

2. These illegal arrests and imprisonment and abuse of
power to the  extreme are being falsely reported as "
holding discussions ". This is a  mean and shameful
strategy and should not be resorted to. In law,
depriving a person of the comfort and company of his
family and home life by taking him away through the use
of authority and power, amounts  to illegal restraint
and imprisonment. The truth of the matter is that  no
discussion took place. It was out and out arrest and
The questions put to them  by the military intelligence

(a) Questions similar to those that have been embodied
in NLD statement 71(9/98).
(b) Calling for the convening of the people's parliament
by the NLD- is  it lawful or not?
(c) Whether or not you will attend the parliament
convened by the NLD.
(d) Whether the NLD was given the mandate to convene

3. The NLD members who are under arrest have committed
no criminal  offence nor have  they violated any
provision of law that is right and  proper. They are
persons of good repute who desire genuine democracy and
human rights for the country and are working towards
that goal.

4. The people voted in NLD members to parliament with
one voice because  they had confidence in their
integrity. They believed that the  individuals they
voted for would act for the good of the country and
they approved of the policies and activities of the

5. These individuals in whom the people laid their trust
and who have  the ability to perform  tasks for the good
of the country are now  suffering arrest and
imprisonment. The military intelligence personnel  are
treating these highly respectable individuals in a very
shabby manner.
(a)  Instead of admitting that they had been arrested
and imprisoned, it  is falsely reported  that "
discussions " are taking place. Genuine  discussions do
not go on for such a long period of time.
(b)  In addition to these lies, they permit some of the
NLD  parliamentarians to spend a day or a night  with
their families or  otherwise on a Saturday or a Sunday
making it appear that they are  having a break. This is
an attempt to demoralise the individual and  members of
his family. Such contemptible strategies should not be
(c)  Without their consent, photographs with videos and
cameras are  taken of them sometimes when they are
allowed to meet with their  families, or when they are
having a meal together. This is for the  purpose of
presenting to the world a false picture. This is
shameful  behaviour void of fellow feeling or
(d)  The military intelligence personnel deceitfully
told those NLD  parliamentarians who were permitted to
return to their homes for a short  visit that if they
stopped their association with the NLD or if members  of
the NLD did not contact them, they would be allowed more
visits- perhaps once a week or once a month. This is an
attempt to drive a wedge  in between the members of the
party, a most demeaning trait of  character.
(e)  Some NLD members were abruptly forced to leave
while taking a meal  with the family by the military
intelligence personnel. This again  reveals the lack of
common courtesy and fellow feeling.

6. The Central Executive Committee of the NLD
enthusiastically applauds the NLD parliamentarians for
not caving in but standing firm and  adhering to the
policies laid down by the party, despite the mental and
physical hardships imposed on them. We announce our
pride and joy in  this matter. This is evidence of the
fact that an individual's firm  convictions cannot be
demolished in any way and under no circumstances.
Similarly we applaud the tenacious spirit of their

7. The crafty activities of the military personnel as
enumerated above  is despicable and akin to the methods
used in communist and fascist  countries. Now is the
time when the NLD and other democracy activists  and the
people are striving with all their might to bring about
a  multi-party democratic system.

8. The activities of the military personnel are
deliberately designed to  deceive the special envoy of
the Secretary General of the United Nations  who is in
the country at this time. If they are genuine and want
to show  it they can immediately and unconditionally
release all -by this we mean  all- the NLD members who
have been restrained and or imprisoned. By now  the
"discussions" should be over.

9. The National League for Democracy rebukes and
denounces the military  intelligence services for the
above activities. We hereby announce that  we are
determined to implement the results of the 1990 general
elections  by the convening of parliament and to take
whatever necessary steps even  though the
parliamentarians are being made the scapegoats. We will
stand  firm and not waver one bit and continue in our
efforts to convene the  people's parliament.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

29 October 1998.