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Myanmar, Singapore Specialists Jo

Subject: Myanmar, Singapore Specialists   Jointly Perform 


               Myanmar, Singapore Specialists
               Jointly Perform


               Surgical Operations 

               YANGON (Nov. 11) XINHUA - Surgical operations were jointly
               here on Tuesday by Myanmar and Singapore specialists. 

               The orthopedic operations on patients were carried out at
the Defense Services
               Orthopedic Hospital by visiting Singapore orthopedists, led
by Dr. Yeo Seng
               Jin, and their Myanmar counterparts, led by Colonel Than
Myint, Commandant
               of the hospital, official The New light of Myanmar reported

               It was the second time for the cooperation in the medical
field between the two
               countries. In August last year, Myanmar and Singapore
specialists successfully
               performed cardiac operations for the first time in Yangon's
Defense Services
               General Hospital by inserting balloon catheters in the
hearts of four
               cardiovascular patients. 

               As a follow-up, the Myanmar surgeons are planning to treat
cardiac patients
               effectively by using cardiovascular X-ray system provided by

               Moreover, Myanmar specialists also successfully transplanted
for the first time a
               kidney on a 41-year old woman in May last year, according to
earlier official


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