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Youth Conference on the Hague Appea

Subject: Youth Conference on the Hague Appeal for Peace

The World Federalist Association 
is  proud to sponsor a National Youth Conference 
on the 
Hague Appeal for Peace

April 10 & 11, 1999
Washington, DC 

	In the past 100 years, there has been a change in both the nature of war and
the role of citizens and civil societies in organizing to prevent those wars. 

	Reflecting that change, The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in May of 1999
will address four different, yet relevant goals which may deliver humanity
into the next millennium with peace and justice as the shields of choice from
the violence of war.

	The campaign will bring together an incredible range of "existing
initiatives, experts, activists, organizations, world leaders, and citizens to
develop specific strategies for the de-legitimization of war".  

	The four program "strands" and their issues are:  
a. Disarmament: Weapons of mass destruction, conventional weapons, light
weapons and small arms.; 

b. International Justice: Strengthening the role and rule of international
humanitarian and human rights law. 

c. Prevention, Transformation, and Resolution of Violent Conflict: Promoting
multi-track strategies to create a proactive and preventive system of conflict
management, and; 

d. Roots of War/ Culture of Peace.  Fostering the year 2000 as the
International Year for A Culture of Peace by eliminating the causes of war and
establishing a culture of peace.

	The Hague Appeal for Peace  recognizes the importance of strong youth
involvement.  Promoting that vision, the World Federalist Association (WFA) is
sponsoring a youth forum for young people to express their ideas.  At this
forum, there will be the opportunity to strategize and develop a Youth Plan of
Action.  This plan for action will be presented at the Hague, for possible
incorporation into the larger Hague agenda.     

			WFA sees  the Hague Appeal Conference as a launch event and not a
conclusion.  Therefore, we would like to foster the following outcomes:   

a. Building support for implementation of the emerging Hague Appeal Action
Plan  in local communities;
b. Development of a national network of youth for future conflict resolution
projects, and; 
c. Sponsorship of the best presenters to attend The Hague Appeal Conference in

Submission Guidelines

\ 	Presenters must be 30 years of age or below;
 	Submissions must be postmarked by January 10, 1999;
 	Proposals must address one of the following three topics:
1.	How can local communities assist in preventing violent conflict on a global
2.	What is the  role of global structures and mechanisms, and how can they be
used to transform violent conflict?
3.	Can more democratic international decision making (for example, a
democratically elected body parallel to the UN Security Council) resolve
violent conflict?

Please send a one page proposal with the following items:
 	School affiliation (if any), 
 	Approximate speaking time (minimum time - 10 minutes, maximum time -30
minutes), and
 	100 words on the subject of your paper. 

Proposals must be postmarked by January 10, 1999.  Presenters will be notified
by mail or E-mail, 3-4 weeks later.       

	For those who would like to attend the conference as participants,
registration packets will be mailed in February.   This packet will contain
information on nominal registration fees, synopses of topics to be presented,
as well as information on subsidies for travel and lodging.    

Peace is a Human Right
Time to Abolish War

For more information please contact:

Supriya Baily 
HAP Project Director
World Federalist Association
418 7th Street, SE,
Washington, DC 20003
Phone - (202)546-3950
           	- (800)932-0123
Fax 	- (202)546-3749

Please feel free to pass this message on to other interested parties