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					    N0.A-0685(I)  9th  November 1998 
(1)		Cardiovascular X-ray System Presented by Yokogawa Co of Japan to MMCWA
		A ceremony for presentation of Cardiovascular X-ray System to Myanmar
Maternal and Child Welfare Association by Yokogawa Co of Japan was held at the
Multi-Purpose Building of MMCWA in South Okkalapa on 7 November. On behalf of
donor Dr Mikito Seto of Yokogawa Co of Japan and Director of Medical Services,
Ministry of Defence handed over related documents to Chairperson of MMCWA.
Director of Medical Services explained the purpose of the donation. A
committee will be set up with a view to successfully realizing the purpose and
Cardiovascular X-ray System will be available to all the people at any time. 

(2)		Antiques and Cultural Objects Donated to Ministry of Culture
		Chairman of Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee Secretary-1 of the
State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt handed over antiques and
cultural objects to the Ministry of Culture at the National Museum on Pyay
Road on 8 November.  First, Head of Department Col Than Tun of the Office of
Strategic Studies, Ministry of Defence, explained how 32 antiques and cultural
objects were collected and the purpose to hand over the objects to the
Ministry of Culture.  Then Secretary-1 delivered an address.  He noted the
objects handed over included those of the Pyu period (A.D 3-9 Century) and as
such, he said the National Museum would be able to display a wide array of Pyu
period objects. Experts would be able to evaluate the antiquity of the

		Excavation of bronze objects at Nyaunggan area in Budalin township as
evidence proving that bronze age existed in Myanmar.  Similar objects were
excavated in Tatkon township.  There is firm evidence that bronze age
developed throughout Myanmar.  The objects were collected and kept and then
donated to the State.  It was now confirmed that primates originated in the
Pontaung Ponnya areas of Myanmar about 40 million years ago.  Firm evidence
showed that human beings of the Stone Age lived in the Padalin Cave.
Moreover, discovery of Stone Age implements showed that Stone Age took place
in Myanmar.  In the latest development, Stone Age paintings were discovered
near Yegantaung in Myeik Township.  This indicated that Stone Age man resided
in different areas of Myanmar.  Since Bronze Age weapons were found in Budalin
and Tatkon Townships, there was firm evidence that Bronze Age also flourished
in Myanmar.   There was evidence that Iron Age originated in Pyu city states
and as such there was no missing link in history from that time onwards to
Bagan Period (11-13 Century) and up to this day.  Hence, Myanmar is the land
which experienced the entire process of human history such as the period prior
to evolution of the human beings, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Modern

(3)		Work Coordinated for Assistance to be Provided for Reclamation of
		A work coordination meeting on encouraging national entrepreneurs to reclaim
wetlands in Yangon and Ayeyawady Divisions and carry out farming there was
held in the meeting hall of the Head Office of the Irrigation Department on 8
November. The Government is granting permission to national entrepreneurs to
be able to reclaim wetlands and fallow and virgin lands in Ayeyawady, Bago,
Yangon, Sagaing, Mandalay and Magway Divisions and Shan State and carry out
farming there by thousands of acres. The Ministry of Agriculture and
Irrigation will provide assistance for reclamation of wetlands and technical
knowhow. Those who wish to get permission to reclaim wetlands and carry out
farming may contact the land reclamation and project implementation committee
of the Agricultural Planning Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and

(4)		Visitors Crowd Cooperative Trade Fair
		Cooperative Trade Fair (Yangon) jointly sponsored by the Ministry of
Cooperatives and Asia Plaza continued at Asia Plaza building for the seventh
day on 8 November. The shops of ministries, State and Division cooperatives
societies and private companies on ground floor, first and second floors were
crowded with visitors and shoppers. The fair opens from 9am to 9pm and
continues till 11 November. Admission is free.

(5)		Pilgrims Leave for India
		Members of Bodh Gaya (Birth-Place of Buddha) pilgrimage No 5/98 left Yangon
for Calcutta on 8 November morning under the arrangement of the Ministry of
Religious Affairs. The pilgrims will  offer 9,000 lights, water, 'soon'(food)
and incense at Bodh Gaya.

(6)		200-Apartment Housing Complex, Food  Centre Inaugurated on Bayintnaung
		A ceremony to inaugurate the Shwe Marlar Yeikmon and Golden Flower Food
Centre under the Shwe Marlar Housing Project Phase-II jointly undertaken by
the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development of the Ministry of
Construction and the Golden Flower Construction took place at the project site
in Kamayut Township on 8 November. Shwe Marlar Housing Project is located on
Bayintnaung Road which was built in the time of the present   government. The
road is linked to No 5 Highway that leads to the delta area. It is also an
important communication link providing easy access to Bayintnaung  broking
houses, major markets and business centres of Yangon. 288 apartments for the
staff of Myanma Dockyards were handed over to the Myanma Dockyards as Phase-1
on 24 May 1998 in coordination with the DHSHD. Construction of a total of 200
apartments began on 7 December 1997 as Phase-II. They included 16 two-unit
four-storey buildings on 1,078 square feet floor space, eight five-storey
buildings on 7,600 square feet floor space and two four-unit four-storey
buildings on 1,050 square feet floor space. The project completed on 31 August
1998. The buildings in Phase-II included business centres and shops in
addition to apartments. Security arrangements, sanitation and scenic beauty of
the complex with playgrounds and proper fences are also provided. Two four-
unit two-storey buildings and one eight-unit two-storey building built for the
Institute of Marine Technology would also be handed over to the institute.