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Religious Edifices under Renovatio

Subject: Religious Edifices under  Renovation in Myanmar 


               Religious Edifices under
               Renovation in Myanmar


               YANGON (Nov. 8) XINHUA - The Myanmar government, joining
hands with
               the public, is carrying out renovation and construction of
religious edifices in the

               There are altogether 287 religious edifices to be renovated
and 890 old pagoda
               sites being excavated and be re-built with original style
and taste of the 11th
               century, according to Sunday's The New Light of Myanmar

               The paper cited some successful renovations of ancient
pagodas and temples
               which are nearing collapse in central Bagan area which is
rich with historical and
               cultural heritage. 

               Similarly, other old religious edifices and buildings are
also being renovated in
               various towns and cities across the country, including the
world famous
               Shwedagon Pagoda in the capital of Yangon. 

               Myanmar is flourished with Theravada (Little Vehicle)
Buddhism with 80
               percent of its population practicing the faith. 


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