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More NLD members resign


Sunday, 8 Nov 1998   

                    More NLD members resign

YANGON, 7 Nov- Twenty-two members of National League for Democracy of
Township resigned from the party on 30 September 1998.

They are: U Zon Tein, Daw Lakwam Khong Sai, Daw Swam Lut Lu, U Lam Nawdi,
Dati Yuhsi, U
Ar nagi, U Phu Redwe, U Sipa Hsi, U Dihuhe, U Kya Re Phu, Daw Himaja, U
Artibaw, U Asi
Sha, U Ngwa Za Yaw, U Tin Tun, Daw Na Ma Bo, U Si Arnu, U Htu Ar Re, U Ar
Phu Bya Re
Shi, U Ran Hsa, Taung Ta and U DR Jil.

They notified the Myitkyina Township Multi-party Democracy General Election
Commission Office
and the respective party chairman saying that they had resigned from the
party out of their own
volition since they had no desire to carry out political activities of NLD.