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Judge Tauro's rule "politically ins

Subject: Judge Tauro's rule "politically insensitive"

                E.U,Japan, U.S and  Burmese democracy movement

Judge Tauro has been the lastest victim of U.S government's foreign policy
scapegoat and so as Burmese democracy movement.

Massachusetts Burma Law  was implemented in 1996 . Its uniqueness and
grassroot level involvement make it very popular  around the world.Even in
Australia, Marrickville council has passed similar Act last year and more
are in the process of passing.

Almost two years of silencing on existing "understanding"clash between
state and federal  law regarding" Burma Law", U.S has finally has to reach
out  its constitutional law book in the wake of heavy pressure from
European Union and Japan.These countries have been arguing that application
of Massachusetts Burma Law disadvantages them in tradings.

They may be right in their point of view where democracy,Human Rights and
Burma are not worth considering than the trading profits.

Unfortunately judge Tauro was the one to read out the law book and it was
the Burma Law page.