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UK Media Advisory on Burma

Religious Liberty Index 

    Call for UN action on Burma (Press Release) 24/08/98 
    European Parliament condemns Burmese regime's "crime
    against humanity" and calls for global economic sanctions
    (Press Release) 21/07/98 
    Burma Briefing Paper (Briefing Paper) 06/98 
    How you can take action on Burma (Action Sheet) 06/98 
    Action for real change in Burma campaign launched (Press
    Release) 04/06/98 
    Jubilee Campaign calls on UN to take action against Burma
    (Press Release) 21/04/98 
    House of Lord debate on the Karen refugees (Debate)
    Genocide against the Karen people in Burma (Report) 03/98
    Jubilee Campaign launches report on Burmese genocide in
    conjunction with ASEM summit (Press Release) 02/04/98 
    The House of Lords to discuss plight of the Karen after
    attack on refugee camp (Press Release) 13/03/98 
    Lord Alton interviews refugees on Thai-Burma border
    (Press Release) 26/02/98 
    Burma: The Great British betrayal (Press Release) 24/02/98