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NLD Statement 99 in English

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 99 (11/98)

Letter dated 4 November 1998 from the Chairman of the National League 
for Democracy to the Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council 
regarding the arrest and imprisonment of the NLD People's Parliament 
representatives, members of organising committees form every branch and 
ordinary members is herewith  reproduced for information.

(f)  "  1. "Sovereignty resides in the people"  is the principle of 
democracy. The people exercised that sovereign power in the 1990 May 
multiparty democratic elections in casting their votes for 
representatives of their choice to whom state power must be transferred 
so that they may use that sovereign power to govern for the good of the 
people. These are the persons who must act for the benefit of the people 
when a People's Parliament is convened.

	2. These people's representatives are today held under arrest and in 
custody by the military intelligence units. The NLD has not been 
informed what provision of law has been contravened for the said  
arrests. Political activities or participation in national politics out 
of personal conviction and personal choice does not contravene any 
provision of law.

	3. Our Statement 94(10/98) dated 29-10-98 and 78 (9/98) regarding the 
illegal arrests and imprisonment of NLD parliamentarians -elect and the 
dirty and derogatory manner in which the military intelligence service 
has acted, have been forwarded to you for your information.

	4. Not only the NLD parliamentarians-elect, but members from every 
level of organising committees and other ordinary members too have been 
illegally arrested and imprisoned for no justifiable reason whatsoever. 
It is the entire responsibility of the arresting party to provide for 
the food, health and safety of the persons they are holding in their 

	5. Failure and neglect to provide for the daily requirements of NLD 
members who are being so held has resulted in the premature death on 21 
October 1998 of  U Aung Min, a member of the organising committee of 
Mandalay Division, North East Township. He was arrested on 6 September 
1998 by a military intelligence unit and imprisoned at the 119 Army 
Battalion. Our Statement 96(10/98) relating to his death is attached 
herewith for your information.

	6. Our information is that the arresting authorities in Mandalay who 
are holding members of the NLD in their custody are not providing proper  
food for them. Their daily fare consists of fried rabbit greens, 
aubergines and lentils poorly cooked without oil and salt. Our 
information is that the food is of the poorest quality. Therefore it can 
be said that U Aung Min died of under-nourishment.

	7. In addition, our information is that the following NLD 
parliamentarians-elect are being fed with a very poor diet consisting 
only of vegetables.

Magwe Division
U Hlaing Win    .................. No 2 constituency, Pakokku township
Dr. Kyi Min ....................     No 1     "          "           "

Pegu Division
U Tha Maung  ..................... No 2 constituency, Okpho township
U Tin Oo .............................. No 1     "         "          "
U San Tin   ..........................   Zigon   township

Irrawaddy Division
U Hla Kyi  ............................ Bassein East township No 2 
U Tin Chaw ......................     Bassein West township No 1    "       

We have no information about how others are being treated but we have 
reason to believe that they will be getting the same inferior treatment.

	8. Other information we have received is that some of the NLD 
parliamentarians-elect, organising committee member from the States, 
Divisions, Townships, Wards and villages and ordinary members who have 
been illegally arrested for commission of no offence have been 
incarcerated in the Insein jail purely out of spite. This is entirely 
inappropriate and should never be resorted to. This is totally 

	9. The military intelligence units which are holding in captivity NLD 
parliamentarians-elect, members of the all organising committee, and all 
ordinary members without justifiable cause and in violation of the laws 
in force are wholly responsible for their captives. If they cannot 
fulfil their responsibilities to the persons they are holding they 
should release them immediately and unconditionally. Should their lives 
be endangered the authorities will be held totally answerable " (END)

Information to hand is that persons incarcerated in the jail (set out in 
para 8 above) are being given the poorest of food. This should never be 
done. If they cannot be given a proper diet, these noble patriots and 
members of the NLD who are fulfilling their duties to the people should 
be immediately and unconditionally released. The National League for 
Democracy strongly condemns the Military Intelligence units for their 

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

5 November 1998

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