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(Reuters-Myanmar opposition protest

Subject: (Reuters-Myanmar opposition protests prison sentence 

Myanmar opposition protests prison sentence
07:38 a.m. Nov 05, 1998 Eastern
YANGON, May 5 (Reuters) - Myanmar's opposition National League For Democracy
on Thursday condemned the sentencing of one of its members to a 14-year jail

NLD youth committee worker Tun Tint Wai, also known as Tun Zaw Zaw, was
sentenced on November 2 under penal code sections 420 and 460, the party
said in a statement.

The NLD did not say what his offence had been, but the penal code sections
cover ``cheating'' and ``forgery for the purpose of cheating.'' Officials
with the military government were not immediately available for comment.

The NLD statement said Tun Tint Wai had been given seven years for each
offence, ``the maximum punishments prescribed.''

``It can be assumed that the punishments were very severe and that there lie
hatreds and grudges in exercising jurisdiction,'' the statement said. ``The
NLD strongly condemns this action of the authorities.''

Last week United Nations investigator Rajsoomer Lallah issued a strongly
worded human rights report accusing the military government of persistent
harassment of the political opposition.

He said he remained ``deeply concerned'' about the large number of political

The NLD has reported the detention of nearly 1,000 of its members since it
resolved in May to call a ``People's Parliament'' in recognition of its
landslide election win eight years ago that was ignored by the military.

The government said on Thursday that 308 NLD members who were ``invited for
exchanges of views'' with the government had been allowed to return home.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is due to make a report on Myanmar to the
U.N. General Assembly this week.