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			N0. A-0680 (I)       5th  November  1998.
(1)		Masses of Bhamo Region Express Their Desire
		Over 29,000 people from various strata of life from Bhamo region of Kachin
State expressed their genuine desire to oppose the activities of National
League for Democracy which is detrimental to National Security and National
Interest at a mass meeting held at sport grounds of Bhamo Township on 4
November.  Present were members of Kachin National Cultural Troupe, Shan
National Cultural Troupe, Medical Association, Nurses Association, members of
Writers and Journalists Association, Maternal and Child Welfare Association,
members of Working Committee for Women's Affairs, rice merchants, edible oil
merchants, rice mill owners, molasses and beans entrepreneurs, border trading
merchants, members of Union Solidarity and Development Association, gold
traders, department store owners, printing and recording entrepreneurs,
restaurant owners, members of War Veterans Organization, saw mill owners,
members of Lawyers Association, Boarding House Owners Association, rattan
traders, members of Vehicles Association, Trawlers Association, Trawler-G
Association, Slow Moving Vehicles Association, Coach Association, Video
Association, Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Asiayon, Myanmar Music
Asiayon, Fire Brigade and Red Cross Brigade, shopkeepers and people of Bhamo,
Momauk, Mansi and Shwegu Townships. At the meeting speakers tabled and
seconded two motions calling for safeguarding and maintaining economic
development and better conditions of food, clothing and shelter  needs of the
people and maintaining and safeguarding stability of the state which has
already been achieved.
(2)		Trade, Economic & Business Related Training for Myanmar Senior Officials 
		The Ministry of Commerce and Singapore Trade Development Board co-sponsored
the Trade, Economic and Business-related Training Course for Myanmar Senior
Officials on 4 November  at the ministry. Deputy Minister for Commerce,
Ambassador of Singapore and course instructor of STDB Mr Tan Song Chuan made
speeches on the occasion. Forty-two senior officials of nine ministries and
Myanmar  Chamber of Commerce and Industry are attending the course which
continues till 9 November.
(3)		National Convention Convening Commission Holds Coordination Meeting 
		The National Convention Convening Commission held its coordination meeting
at the meeting hall of NCCC  on 4 November. Next, National Convention
Convening Work Committee and National Convention Convening Management
Committee reported the meeting on the national convention matters. Members of
the National Convention Convening Commission took part in the discussions.
(4)		Secretary-1 Receives Chairman of Daiwa Institute of Research
		Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt
received Chairman Mr Eiichiro Okumoto and party of Daiwa Institute of Research
Ltd of Japan at Dagon Yeiktha of the Ministry of Defence  on 4 November.
(5)		Deputy Prime Minister Receives Chairman of Daiwa Institute of Research
		Deputy Prime Minister Chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission  received
Chairman Mr Eiichiro Okumoto and party of Daiwa Institute of Research of Japan
who called at his office on the same day. They discussed progress of the
project of Myanmar Securities Exchange Centre Co Ltd and future tasks.
(6)		After a Successful Exchange of Views More NLD Members Return Home
		During this week altogether seven NLD members returned home after successful
exchange of views concerning  the safeguarding and maintaining national
security, peace and stability that Myanmar enjoy.  The seven members are Dr.
Kyin Thein, U Kyaw Minn, U Thet Win Aung, U Kan Tin, U Kyaw Shwe, U Kyaw Yin
and U Wai Hmaine.
Special Feature
		This office is presenting a  reproduction of a letter to the Member of
Parliament, House of Commons (London)  by Nicholas Greenwood for your

4th November 1998
Martin Linton, MP
House of Commons 
By fax to nos: 0171 207 3063,  0171 219 5728

Dear Mr Linton, 
I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 2nd November 1998, enclosing the
response from Derek Fatchett, MP to my questions on Burma.
It would be pointless for me to analyse all the assertions made by Mr Fatchett
since I disagree with them all and have already written to him personally on
at least three prior occasions. I should add that on no occasion has he had
the courtesy to respond. This, I suspect, is because he is well aware that I,
as the UK's Burma travel expert, know far more about the country than he does.
One major point does concern me, however, and I would be most grateful if you
could raise this with 
Mr Fatchett, namely: who on earth could possibly have any confidence in
someone who, occupying the post of none other than the Minister of State at
the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, writes (and I quote verbatim): " As you
know, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi  is the democratically-elected leader of Burma "?
Please inform Mr Fatchett that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi HAS  NEVER  BEEN ELECTED
(DEMOCRATIC- ALLY OR OTHERWISE) in any capacity whatsoever, since she did not
stand for  election at the 1990 General Elections in Burma. 
It therefore both astonishes and frightens me that someone holding as high and
influential office as 
Mr Fatchett does not even know THE MOST BASIC OF FACTS about Burma. It can
only follow that the remainder of his claims must be taken with a pinch of
Yours sincerely,

Nicholas Greenwood