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Myanmar Rally Urges People to '

Subject: Myanmar Rally Urges People to     ''Crush'' Suu Kyi 


               Myanmar Rally Urges People to
               ''Crush'' Suu Kyi


               YANGON, Nov 5 (Reuters) - The leader of the latest in a
series of mass rallies
               against Myanmar's pro-democracy opposition called on people
to "crush" Nobel
               Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, state media
reported on

               State newspapers said more than 29,000 people rallied
against Suu Kyi and her
               National League for Democracy (NLD) on Wednesday in the town
of Bhamo in
               Kachin state, about 1,300 km (800 miles) northeast of Yangon. 

               It was the 19th such rally since Suu Kyi and leaders of her
NLD resolved in
               September to act for a "People's Parliament" in recognition
of the party's election
               win eight years ago that was ignored by the military

               "The people today are enjoying peace, tranquility, stability
and development,"
               rally chairman Za Hsaing said in an address. "They are
completely opposed to
               the undermining of stability and security ensured by the

               "I would like to urge the people to crush Suu Kyi, who has
hampered peace and
               tranquility and the NLD that would destroy the country," he

               The NLD has accused the military government of coercing
people to take part in
               such rallies. The government says "people from all walks of
life" have attended

               Za Hsaing accused Suu Kyi and the NLD of disregarding the
interests of the
               nation and people to "seize power by short-cut means." 

               Livestock entrepreneur Nan Zein Kam Phan blamed the
opposition for soaring
               commodity prices and the disruption of the education system. 

               The military has kept universities and colleges throughout
the country closed for
               much of the past 10 years to prevent of a resurgence of
student unrest that led to
               a nationwide uprising for democracy in 1988. 

               The entrepreneur repeated calls made at previous rallies for
the NLD to be
               banned and for Suu Kyi to be deported. 

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