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NEWS - Myanmar, Singapore Jointly T

Subject: NEWS - Myanmar, Singapore Jointly Train Senior Officials

Myanmar, Singapore Jointly Train Senior Officials


            YANGON, November 5 (Xinhua)-- Myanmar and Singapore
            will join hands to train Myanmar senior officials in the
            of trade, economy and business under an economic and
            technical cooperation agreement between the two countries. 

            The six-day training course, which began Wednesday, is
            jointly sponsored by the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce and
            the Singapore Trade Development Board. 

            A total of 42 senior officials from nine ministries and
            Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry are attending
            the course. 

            In recent years, Singapore has conducted various courses
            for Myanmar trainees in the sectors of health, hotels and
            tourism, trade management, construction, agriculture and
            livestock and fisheries under the two countries' human
            resources development project. 

            Singapore has been rendering assistance to Myanmar for
            the development of its hotel and tourism industry,
            production, livestock and fisheries, human resources
            development, commerce, transport, communications and
            science and technology. 

            According to official statistics, Singapore's investment in
            Myanmar amounted to 1.48 billion U.S. dollars in 66 projects
            by the end of May this year, ranking the first among 23
            countries and regions which have invested over 7 billion
            dollars in the country. 

            The statistics also show that the two countries' bilateral
            stood at 833.7 million dollars in the 1997-98 fiscal year
            ended in March. 

            Singapore exported to Myanmar 716.5 million dollars worth
            of goods, while importing 117.2 million dollars of
            commodities from the country during the period.