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Copy of Judge Tauro's Decision


November 5, 1998

For a copy of Judge Tauro's decision in the case against the Massachusetts
Burma Law, contact his law clerk, Zita Lovett, at (617) 748-9183.

Please be polite. Don't argue about the decision; it won't help us. 

If you do want to take action, contact the Massachusetts Attorney General
Scott Harshbarger and urge him to appeal the decision striking down the
Massachusetts Burma Law.

**Remember: a faxed, mailed or fedexed letter has more impact than a phone
call or email!**

Attorney General Scott Harshbarger
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 727-2200
(617) 727-5778 - fax

If you live outside Massachusetts, please also contact your state's
Attorney General. Ask him or her to contact the Massachusetts Attorney
General Scott Harshbarger and support Massachusetts by filing an amicus -
or friend of the court  - brief in defense of the Massachusetts Burma Law.

You can find the address of your state's Attorney General from your phone
book or on the website of the National Association of Attorney's General
(NAAG): <http://www.naag.org/>

Please send a copy of your letters to the New England Burma Roundtable so
the we can gauge the response from this action alert. Thank you for your

Simon Billenness
* for the New England Burma Roundtable *
Franklin Research & Development
711 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02111
(617) 423-6655, 225
(617) 482-6179 - fax