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Ist Newspaper in Chinese Language P

Subject: Ist Newspaper in Chinese Language Published in Myanmar 


               Ist Newspaper in Chinese
               Language Published in Myanmar


               YANGON (Nov. 4) XINHUA - The Myanmar Morning Post began
               here Wednesday in Chinese language. This is the first time
in 30 years that
               Myanmar allowed a newspaper in the Chinese language to be

               The Myanmar Morning Post will be initially published on a
weekly basis with a
               circulation of 5,000 on every Wednesday and be distributed
across Myanmar
               and to other countries and regions such as Singapore,
Thailand, Malaysia, the
               United States, Britain, Canada, China's Hong Kong Special
               Region and Macao. 

               The newspaper, which is planned to increase its publication
from once a week to
               twice or thrice a week, is made up of 16 pages containing
columns of local and
               foreign news, economic, trade and investment information,
culture and

               Before the middle of the 1960s, there were six newspapers in
the Chinese
               language in Myanmar. They are the People's Post, the China
Daily, the China
               Commerce Post, the New Yangon Post, the Freedom Daily and
the Times. 

               On January 1, 1966, all the newspapers terminated their
publication because the
               Myanmar authorities stopped issuing permits to them. 


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