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Indonesian Armed Forces to Follow u

Subject: Indonesian Armed Forces to Follow up Fact-Finding Team Report:

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               Indonesian Armed Forces to
               Follow up Fact-Finding Team
               Report: Minister


               JAKARTA (Nov. 4) XINHUA - Indonesian Defense Minister and
Chief of the
               Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) Gen. Wiranto said he respects
and will follow
               up the findings of the government-appointed team
investigating the May riots. 

               "What the team announced yesterday (Tuesday) are the facts
that will be
               submitted to relevant government bodies for follow up," he
told reporters

               "We really appreciate the three-month investigation carried
out by the team.
               They have spent time and energy (on it)," he said after
speaking before the
               1,500 participants of the ongoing Indonesian Muslim People's
Congress here. 

               Head of the Joint Fact-Finding Team Marzuki Darusman on
Tuesday night
               announced the results of their investigations on the May
riots that forced former
               president Soeharto to resign from office. 

               Their findings showed that more than 1,000 people were
killed during the riots
               and that 52 women were raped, 14 more fell victim to rape
with violence, 10 to
               sexual attacks, and 9 to sexual harassment. 

               The team is urging the government to investigate a secret
meeting held at the
               Army's Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) headquarters on
May 14, and
               the possible role of Soeharto's son-in-law Lt. Gen. Prabowo
Subiyanto and
               former Jakarta military commander Maj. Gen. Sjafrie

               "The analysis that the team has made is not the final one.
It was based on the
               facts the team has collected. But of course, we will pay
attention to the findings,"
               Wiranto said. 

               Wiranto further said that he would compare the team's
findings and analysis with
               those of other government bodies. 

               ABRI spokesman Maj. Gen. Syamsul Ma'arif said the ABRI will
clarify the May
               14 meeting held at the Kostrad headquarters. 


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