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Myanmar opposition member resigns from parliament
November 4, 1998 
Web posted at: 3:47 AM EST (0847 GMT) 

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- A member of Myanmar's chief opposition party has
resigned as a member of the parliament elected in 1990 but never allowed by
the military government to meet, a state newspaper said Tuesday. 

Min Thu Wun, an 89-year-old scholar and poet, cited age as his reason for
stepping down, the newspaper New Light of Myanmar said. 

The resignation adds to the dozens of members of the parliament who have
quit in recent years. Some have accused the government of pressuring them to

Min Thu Wun is the second member of parliament for the National League for
Democracy, headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, to have quit
since Suu Kyi stepped up a campaign against the military government in July. 

Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been ruled by the military since 1962. Suu
Kyi rose to prominence in anti-government uprisings in 1988 that were
bloodily suppressed. The military allowed elections in 1990 but never
honored the results after the opposition won in a landslide.