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Call to include rights instruction

Subject: Call to include rights instruction in bill 

                                        October 31, 1998 

 Call to include
 rights instruction in

 Abhisit appointed panel chairman

 Wut Nontharit

 Human rights advocates yesterday called on an ad hoc committee
 scrutinising the National Education Bill to include human rights
 education in it.

 In a letter to the committee chairman, PM's Office Minister Abhisit
 Vejjajiva, a coalition of 18 child rights support groups and other
 non-governmental organisations led by Veera Namsiripong demanded
 that the right to proper education by individuals and communities be
 recognised by the bill.

 Human rights education should cover the right to a variety of education
 provided by the state, the right to financial support and other education
 resources from the state, the right of the disabled to receive full
 assistance from the state for their development and the right to
 participate in education committees at all levels.

 The 45-man extraordinary education committee met yesterday for the
 first time to examine the bill which sailed through the first reading in the

 Mr Abhisit was appointed chairman at the meeting yesterday, with
 Chart Thai MP Kanjana Silpa-archa as committee spokesman.

 Mr Abhisit said he has no objection to the proposal that the public
 take part in the scrutinising process but he will have to discuss the
 matter with the committee.

 However, he said, concerned parties can forward their suggestions to
 a sub-committee gathering information and opinions chaired by
 Lipanon Katetat. Any recommendations will be passed on to the
 committee for consideration.

 Deputy Education Minister Somsak Prisananantakul said he believed
 the bill will be just right.

 The bill will overhaul the whole education system and put the students
 in the centre of the learning process, he said.

 Mr Somsak also urged parents to be more flexible with their children's
 education choices and give them the support they deserve.

 Meanwhile, more than 150 university administrators met yesterday at a
 seminar to discuss the development of an international study
 programme to attract both Thai and overseas students.

 Representatives from both the state-run and privately-run colleges also
 agreed to set up a committee to work on the curriculum and
 instructions of the programme in line with the University Affairs
 Ministry's policy to turn Thailand into an education hub.

 The committee is being chaired by Thong-in Wongsothorn and most of
 its members are from universities and colleges offering international
 programmes. The international programme, known as Joint Degree
 Programme, will provide courses in Science and Technology, Social
 Science Humanities and Health Science.



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