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Suriya's article: The General VS th

Subject: Re: Suriya's article: The General VS the Lady

SURIYA's article "The General VS the
Lady" is typical of how the people
outside of Burma understand what is
going on in Burma. However, the truth
about the situation is far from what you
hear and read about in the internet or
the rhetoric.

The general (Ne Win , Khin Nyunt, Than
Swe, Maung Aye) they have the same
objective. To stay in power

Their methods to trick the Burmese
people and the international community
by building facades. Lt. Col Hla Min's
explana tion is very typical to this
effect. "We are only transitional to
build a genuine democracy". The
general(s) are trying to fool or
deceive the Burmese people and the world
community that by saying so they can go
on running the country like they had
done under the BSSP. During the BSPP
the Ne Win dictatorship survived from
the regular and consistent cash aid and
loan from Japan, Germany, the IMF, World
Bank , and the US. Having these sources
cut off, the general(s) are in dire need
of the flow of cash from outside. This
they can achieve only through their
rhetoric of wishing to build democracy
with the hope that the international
community could be fooled.

The existence of the NLD and their mild
treatment to Aung San Suu Kyi clearly
point out to these facts. The general(s)
keep ASSK in Rangoon to humanize their
actions. There was nothing else to it.
The generla(s) had fooled the world by
the convening of the national
convention. They gained a few years by
that process. Definitely the Political
Committee, which is formed recently, is
going to come out with a new idea of how
to drag the process of transforming
Burma to democracy. They do not want
democracy. They know they will be
rejected under democracy.

In reality the general(s) is wholly the
work of Ne Win. So long as personally
appointed by Ne Win such as Foreign
Minister Ohn Gyaw is in the government
Ne Win is very much deciding the fate of
the people of Burma.

It should be clear to the world that the
demands or request made by Aung San Suu
Kyi or the United Nations are worth
nothing to the Junta. They will not
give up their power by any means or turn
Burma into democracy until and unless
they are so weak that there are no
soldiers to fight for them. If the time
drags on the international community
might say that they should invest in
Burma, then the generals attained their
goal. They can then extort money from
the corporations and investors for their
pocket money.

Human rights abuses to the non-Burman
such as the Karen will go on because
they would like to show the world that
they are constantly being threatened.
All of these are done purposely to
excuse themselves in the face of the
world. Some say Ne Win is crazy. It
might appear that he is crazy but he
does not care what people say so long as
he lives comfortably. And he controls
the military.That is what it
counts for the general.