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Myanmar Seizes 1,750 Kg of Ampheta

Subject: Myanmar Seizes 1,750 Kg of  Amphetamine Powder 


               Myanmar Seizes 1,750 Kg of
               Amphetamine Powder


               YANGON, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Myanmar authorities seized 1,750
kg (3,850
               pounds) of amphetamine base powder in a single drug haul
last month,
               state-controlled media reported on Sunday. 

               The powder, contained in 70 bags weighing 25 kg each, was
found on October
               14 hidden in a bush near a village in northern Shan State
near the Chinese
               border, about 600 kilometres (960 miles) northeast of the
capital Yangon,
               Myanmar News Agency said. 

               No suspects have been arrested but authorities were
investigating the case, it

               International agencies estimate Myanmar is the world's
largest opium producer,
               most originating from the so-called Golden Triangle region
where Myanmar
               meets Thailand and Laos. 

               Official data showed that a total of 1.4 tonnes of heroin,
7.88 tonnes of opium
               and more than five million tablets of amphetamines were
seized in 1997 and
               action was taken against 5,361 persons in drug-related cases
during that period. 

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