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Import Licence Fees Exempted for 3

Subject: Import Licence Fees Exempted for  31 Drugs in Myanmar 


               Import Licence Fees Exempted for
               31 Drugs in Myanmar


               YANGON (Nov. 1) XINHUA - The Myanmar Ministry of Commerce has
               exempted import licence fees for 31 items of drugs, aiming
at improving the
               public health and welfare in the country. 

               A latest issue of the Myanmar Business News published by the
Union of
               Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, quoted an order of
the ministry
               as saying that the exemption also applies to raw materials
of the related drugs
               imported by state-owned economic enterprises and private

               The drugs include aluminum hydroxide, aminophylline, benzoic
acid and salicylic
               acid, chloroquine, ferrous salt, tetracycline and penicillin
as well as test strips
               urinary, water for injection, cotton wool and bandage. 

               Meanwhile, the ministry is planning to issue export and
import licenses within 48
               hours instead of one week to a month to exporters and
importers in the country
               to facilitate their trade activities. 


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