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Burmese Cultural Night.

    Burmese Cultural night was held on Saturday October 31st, 1998 in
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was a product of cooperation between Burma
Watch International and the University of Alberta's South East Asian
Students Association. The primary goal was to promote even more
awareness regarding Burma from both political and cultural perspectives.

    Speeches were given by  Dr. Raj Pannu MLA of Edmonton, Strathcona
and Dr. Steven Aung, a prominent Burmese physician. Dr. Pannu commends
the event organisers of the critical timing of this event since it
coincides with the 50th anniversary celebration of Universal Declaration
of Human Rights. He further ackowledged that violations of human rights
still occur in Burma despite the struggle of Burmese people both within
and without the country. He pledged that he would do all he can to
advocate even more action from the Canadian government to stop the