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South Africa Burmese community say

Subject: Re:  South Africa Burmese community  say "No" to SPDC held mass

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Dear  Free Burma Activists around the world
During this 3-4 weeks, Burmese community (South Africa) received "The
Burmese Newspaper from SPDC Embassy(Pretoria).The following e-mails are
received by me from our community. They sent e-mails to me after they
received the newspaper which mentioned about 'make-up' mass rallies of SPDC.
It is extremely shameful for SPDC because they are doing against the will of
the citizens.Burmese citizens already expressed their will with the 1990
democratic election result. That election was done by SLORC and ALREADY
accepted  that was free and fair by themselves and international community.
Obviously, NLD, led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi won 82% of the total vote which
was landslide victory.
I am compiling all mails which I received and sending to Free Burma
Activists. They expressed their own view to SPDC held mass rallies.
I would like to mention about SA Burmese community situation which is
quite different from other countries. In SA, Burmese community is very
limited amount and all are holding the passports which was issued by
I realised, most of the people who received "mass rally" newspaper, sent
back these papers to SPDC Embassy at Pretoria showing their objection.
Any query please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes
Thein Win
1 Nov 1998.

(1). Mail 1
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To: Dr. Thein Win<burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 17 October 1998 06:25
Subject: big envelope from Pretoria Myanmar embassy

>Saya U Thein Win
>I received a big envelope from Embassy of Union of Myanmar yesterday.
>Inside , one big copy of "Mirror " ( Kye Mone ) newspaper with full of
>mass relay against NLD and ASSK ( who they mentioned as Bo Ga Daw Daw
>Suu Kyi ) . They spent 4.8 R for the postage . Big wasting !
With metta
>Mr Gold

(2). Mail 2
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To    : All Burmese compatriots from South Africa
Date: 18 October 1998 01:25
Subject: We are Unique! We are United!

>Our Burmese community in South Africa is unique. We are small in
>number in comparison with Burmese in USA, Canada, Australia or UK, but
>we are a closely knitted and united family.
>We laughed together, we played together, we eat together, and we are
>there for each other in the time of crisis and hardships. Almost all
>of us are well informed of real situation in Burma and we know our
>people's REAL DESIRE from our heart that they want to be liberated
>from under the yoke of military regime. We are unique in the sense of
>duty, to play our part in Restoration of Democracy in Burma. I am
>proud to be one of you, I am proud to be associated with all of you in
>striving to fulfil the dreams of our fellow citizens who are not free
>as we are.
>A few days ago I received an e-mail from our colleague who is very
>active in working towards "Restoration of Democracy in Burma". It was
>a sort of report back to our community what he had achieved recently.
>His tireless efforts and your valuable supports are producing
>excellent results now.
>He successfully expressed our people's will at the NAM summit. His
>message was loud and clear to the world that WE, Burmese people want
>Democracy, WE don't support Military Regime under which we have no say
>in running of our country, running of our own affairs, and shaping our
>own future. He was encouraged by your moral & physical supports that
>he received while he was demonstrating in Durban. The fact, which
>thrilled me, is that the support he received during NAM summit was not
>from just some people but from the large quarter of our community.
>We must keep up with our good work.
>He also played the key role in cancellation of Johannesburg Botanical
>Foundation's planned trip to Burma. He should be congratulated for his
>gentle persuasion to achieve the goals.
>We (you and I) managed to convince all three parties concerned, viz.
>Johannesburg Botanical Foundation, Diners Club International and
>Concorde Travel Agency that it is not the right time to visit our
>country now. The concerned parties were not aware of what is happening
>in Burma under Military Regime such as arbitrary arrests, forced
>labour, and Human Rights abuses at the time when they organized the
>tour. After many phone calls and faxes to above parties to inform what
>is going on in Burma, they realized that it is not appropriate for
>them to associate with the Regime under current circumstances.
>They admitted that they received many faxes from South Africa's
>Burmese community urging them to drop the plan. That is very promising
>sign for Burma's future. We are united behind OUR PEOPLE'S "REAL
>DESIRE" to restore democracy in Burma, to denounce unjust and
>undemocratic regime.
>Well done!
>But there are a lot more to be done. We need to maintain our pressure
>on every sector that might lend legitimacy of undemocratic regime and
>enrich the Generals, such as high profile tourism promotions, direct
>investments from South African companies, trade between RSA and Burma.
>As we all know that the wealth generated from tourism, trade and
>investment will go directly to the pockets of corrupt Generals. That
>happened in the past, it would happen again in the future as long as
>the government is not transparent, media is not free and no opposition
>party is allowed to point out these mistakes and corruption. Purging
>the corrupt Generals as it was done in last year November alone won't
>help; the whole system needs to be changed.
>Our people have very little to loose from tourism boycott, and
>economic sanction, since the present economic system doesn't trickle
>down to the poor.
>Whether Burma's economy is boom or busts, the poor people remained
>poor as ever. The Military Regime also said that these boycott and
>sanction have very little effect on their economy. So, we can do it
>with clear conscience. Keep an eye on daily news and any kind of
>information on trade & tourism promotion to Burma and alert your
>friends if you see any business deals.
>Lately, there were some circulation of news about mass rally to
>express so called people's desire calling for expulsion of Daw Aung
>San Suu Kyi and banning of NLD. The paper stated that these rallies at
>various parts of the country drew the crowd of up to 22,000 people.
>Who on earth are they trying to fool?
>Do they think that we will believe such a cheap propaganda?
>It is an insult to our intelligence. Anyway, it reminds us of our poor
>citizens at home have to put up with such a nuisance on a daily basis.
>I want some one who is pro-SPDC or SPDC apologist to answer these
>1) How can the authorities grant permission to allow such large public
>gatherings but deny NLD to hold a small public meeting in front of her
>own home?
>2) How can the print media afford to cover such propaganda on the
>front pages of state controlled newspapers but deny NLD to publish any
>kind of publications?
>3) Why people have to tolerate to see two to three hours of TV news
>about touring of the Generals but never allowed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
>to appear before the TV?
>4) When Generals have no problems with security and they can move
>freely within the country at the expense of tax payers, but did not
>allow Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to travel in her own car at her own expense
>to nearby townships, citing the security as a reason?
>5) The state controlled papers said "People's representatives" gave
>speech at the mass rally. Who are these people? Who elected them, when
>were they elected and for what? Perhaps hand picked by Generals with
>threats of losing jobs, positions, if they ever refused to READ OUT
>I sympathize with those prominent intellectuals and leading business
>people who had to suffer guilty conscious afterwards for having to
>take the podium under undue pressure and intimidation.
>Shame on you Generals! Stop torturing mentally to our intellectuals &
>fine business people.
>It is utter waste of time. No one, but no one will believe your cheap
>Please don't turn our citizens into zombies.

(3).Mail 3.
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To: Thein Win <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 18 October 1998 10:18
Subject: Re:

>Saya U Thein win,
>How are you? I received your message as well as the photocopies of
Newspaper from our embassy.
>All the intelligent persons in the world know this is a mere propaganda and
>absolute rubbish. However I am glad that I receive such a big piece of
>'cause (my child) is crazy like anything drawing on any available piece of
>papers. Actually I would like to have more.
>I think we should just wait and see for the next move.
>Please keep in touch.

(4). Mail 4
To    : SPDC Ambassador, Pretoria, South Africa
Copy: Dr. Thein Win, FBC(SA) <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Dear  Ambassador
Thank you very much for sending copies of Burmese News paper.I do not
understand why you send these to our Burmese community.Do you think our
Burmese people in S.A really want to read it ?
Do you think we believe those news were true of Burmese'  reflection ?We all
knew those were full of lies!!  People have to go there whether they want to
follow it or not, because of their survival for living.
Burmese people are fighting for freedom ie freedom of news, freedom of
media, freedom of talk, etc. and to have our human rights.  They are not
fighting for Power.I can not use my money to return your papers. Another
thing is you might have any invisible marking on your papers, so if I
returned it you might know who am I. We can never trust your people. We know
they are crook. Your people always bully on us by using power and many
things that I do not want to mention.
Do you know Burma is more and more poor ?  What is the price of for instance
one chicken ?
All the prices of daily basic needs are unbelievable.  Anything under
pressure will blow out as a nature. You can not try to press it forever.
I do not understand why your people used the word "neocolonization".
Although most of Burmese people in S.A are born after our independence, we
knew they had more freedom and democracy than yours.  Your people do not
allow to open a mouth what a Burmese people wants to say.
Even we are working under South African Government we have more freedom and
democracy than your government. That is very sad and shameful.  However your
people do not care about it because what you only know is to hold the power.
There are many things we can mention, but it is waste of our precious time.
The only thing I would like to request is that please do not send any Burma
news showing one side.  If you want to send please do both sides.  There is
a Burmese saying " Never see one side. See both sides. Seeing  only one side
is like a cow "
We are not politicians.  We are not people like in Burma to listen
everything what your people said.  We are professionals.  We do not want to
be involved in politics. But we knew the truth.
Thinks and tell the truth that the Buddha loves.
Very sorry about not mention my name.
Wishing for Burmese people in Burma to fulfil their basic daily needs.
With Metta

(5) Mail 5
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To: Thein Win <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 October 1998 09:32

Hi Saya U Thein Win
I say "NO" to SPDC.


(6) Mail 6
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>From:Yellow Burma
To: Thein Win <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 October 1998 18:26
Subject: Do not send lies-paper from Burma

>Dear U Thein Win
>In Burma there are three liers.
>1..The newspapers
>2..The radio broadcasting station
>3..The TV broadcasting stations
>Since I left Burma, I have been very happy to stay away
>from those liers. Now I received the lies-paper from Burma a week or
>two ago.
I want to say
>1..NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to the liers.
>2..I do not want to hear any lies any more.
>3..I object receiving those lies.
>4..Do not send me any lies-paper anymore.

>I object those liers who keep lying the whole world
>without doing anything to make develop our country.
>Yellow Su

(7) Mail 7
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To: Thein Win<burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 October 1998 23:04
Subject: Saying "NO"

>Hi Saya U Thein Win
>Although I didn't receive your mail , please add me to your "NO" list to
>Pretoria embassy.

(8) Mail 8
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Date: 26 October 1998 19:48
Subject: Second Chance

>Dear All,
>They said that the Opportunity doesn't knock twice. But for Burma, the
>chance to prosper, the chance to reunited turned around for the second
>time and gave us a good leader. It is up to us to capitalise this rare
>opportunity or let it slipped away.
>This message is not only for Democracy supporters but also for the
>people who are benefiting from current regime but want to see beyond
>their narrow self interest. Under present system, only handful of them
>can enjoy special status and being alienated from the rest of general
>populace. Under new Democratic society, majority of the people will
>enjoy the basic needs such as food, shelter, health and education and
>Around second World War, our parent's generation had a legendary
>leader, Bygone Aung San. Our Parents had a high hope that soon, they
>will be free from under British rule by the leadership of Bygone and
>the country will prosper.
>Their hopes were evaporated fast after assassination of Bogyoke. Many
>problems ensued after Bogyoke's death and eventhough our country
>gained her independence, our parents didn't enjoy the essence of
>freedom to it's fullest extent.
>The mother of all problem was when military coup took place in 1962
>which ended our parent's short lived freedom, Democracy, and eventual
>death of all hopes.
>26 years of misrule and mismanagement by Military Government had
>transformed our natural resource rich country into a one of the
>poorest countries in the world. (What a remarkable performance!)
>If Bogyoke has been alive, there is no doubt that our country will
>stand tall and strong among her Asian neighbours and our citizen will
>be well respected anywhere in the world.
>If Bogyoke has been alive, there will be no censure from United
>Nations but the praise, investments from USA not sanctions, our
>respected leaders would receive red carpet treatment from member
>countries of European Union instead of VISA bans, and no Amnesty
>Internal report on our country about Human Rights abuses, but Burma
>would be championing Human Rights for others.
>I am not suggesting that he will rule the country to eternity, of
>which he wouldn't accept even if our parents demanded that he be the
>leader for life. He made it clear that he wanted to retire from public
>life and spend more time with his family as an ordinary citizen after
>He sure would have established the political system which enshrines
>Democracy for many generations to come. He sure would have enough time
>to discipline the Army which he founded not to mess with the politics
>but stay above the politics and remain respected as defenders of the
>But he is gone.
>Gone with him were our country's dignity, wealth and our freedom.
>Miraculously, we have a true leader of our time, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
>daughter of our legendary leader Bogyoke. Burma has a second chance to
>rise up and prosper again. She has the vision and ability of pull our
>Nation up from crisis. She has mandate from our people. She has
>support from majority of our people. She is the one who can unify our
>divided Nation.
>Our parents and our children will not forgive us if we do not work
>hard enough to grab this rare opportunity to materialize our dreams,
>our parents dreams and to build our children's future. We will blame
>ourselves when times come to go home and retire if we do not
>participate now in the process of Democratization of our country.
>I believe that it is almost everybody's desire that one day, you want
>to go back Burma to retire when we are old. We must make our country a
>nice place to live where our rights are protected by constitution
>We must work hard and make sacrifices for ourselves, for our children
>and for our parents who want to see that we have the future in Burma
>before they die (For those whose parents are still alive).
>Now we have a leader who can fulfil our dreams, rebuild our nation.
>Support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi when she is still alive, support the
>people who support her.
>Make your voices be heard. Say big "NO" to Military Regime.
>The time to work is NOW. The time to make sacrifices is NOW.

(9) Mail 9
-----Original Message-----
To: Dr. Thein Win <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 October 1998 21:47
The following letter is my message for SPDC.

Myanmar Embassy (Pretoria)
Please don't try to fool us by sending copies of "Mirror" newspaper which is
truly the set up propaganda of SPDC.  Only fools and SPDC followers accept
this news.
We have been tired of these kind of tricks since "Ma Sa La" time.  Mirror is
not  the peoples'  voice.  So please don't play the trick again.
Yours etc,

(10)Mail 10
-----Original Message-----
To: Thein Win <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 October 1998 21:02
Subject: Aunk Khan Par Tai,

Trained agents mix with the people and lead the lead them in
>cued responses to platform speakers, he said.  At any given moment they
>roar back the expected response: "Htauk Khan Par Tai"  (We agree!!!).  But
>some of the unwilling participants have been yelling a rather different
>response, he reported:  "Aunk Khan Par Tai"  (We are repressed!!!).
>BurmaNews - BC:  October 16, 1998  (based on Reuters, MIC and insider
Can I say no ?.
You said I must say no , no , no. May be as an anonymous , Shame on me.
I must express my opinion , what a very simple one. Why I made it
complicated . Shame on me.
I want to go home. I want to see my father , my mother , my brothers , my
mother in law my brother in law....... so I say Yes mister ambassador ,
please give the life of my red book. Shame on me.
And other excused , excused , excused, excused. Shame on me.

But you can count on me , when another poll come , I am in 82%.


(11) Mail 11 (It is the fax message)
--------Orginal Message--------
To: Thein Win <burmamtk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Make up mass rallies

Saya U Thein Win
I recently got the message from our motherland, those who were attended to
mass rally. It is exactly as "Ma Sa La" era. The military government forced
to people, organizations to attend the mass rally.
They forced to signed to each and every organization. Even they did
rehearsal for rally and practice and give instruction how to speak. Those
who speak in
mass rally will get some said " They give flat or land."
I heard another new from our relative. One day ?USDA(Kyant Phyot) group went
to Daw Suu residence and shout anti- NLD/Daw Suu slogans. Daw Suu came out
and welcome to them and invite into her home and said
" This is the good practice of democracy. Well done!! I always welcome to
all, please come again and tell your view. It is nice to exchange the views.
It is the way of practice for democracy. Government should take your good
example and they should learn from you"
At the end of the day, this group went back quietly... Well done!... Daw
All these events show the reality. Even we do not need to say "No". With
common sense they should realise about the present situation. If they have
such no common sense, I am extremely worry for our country and for our kids
future in their hands.
I want say to SPDC and their supporters, who do not get lesson till now.
"It is quite enough Burmese way to Socialism. PLEASE..PLEASE do not try
again ANOTHER Burmese way to Democracy". You already shown your ability for
40 years.
MY FRIEND!! MA SA LA/ NA WA TA/ NA AHA PHA . It is more than enough.


(12) Mail 12
>From : XXXXXX
To : U Thein Win
Date: 30/10/98

U Thein Win
I definitely will say "No" for what is ' INDECENT PROPOSAL'.
I feel 'SORRY' for the officers and staffs of Burmese Embassy. Because they
are government's service personnel they have to do what they are instructed
to do although they know what is 'REALITY'. This make you to remember the
Burmese proverb ' THE SAN SAAR YEA HMA '.
We all understand that we are not fighting against the government's staffs
but  unofficial military government which never recognise some of the human
rights that make them angry or 'DOSA' in Pali.
That 'DOSA' gives birth to' VIHIMSA ' or ' TORTURE ' a typical weapon of
SPDC for instance. All these things are  derived from ' LOBA' to hold the
power forever because that they don't know, i.e ' MOHA '. that everything is
impermanent. But what they know is ' WIT LITE TAT TAE', in English ' WHAT
If everybody, especially those who identify themselves as BUDDHIST and
especially those who are under the refuge of the highest group of 'SANGHA'
really follow what BUDDHA taught, there will definitely be NO hatred, arrest
torture, indecent acts or words but will be. 'METTA' or loving kindness that

(13) Mail 13
To :  Thein Win
Subject: SPDC mass action
Date: 30/10/98
Saya U Thein Win
I fully support the mail which we got from "Burma Yellow", few days ago. I
am not a politician. I am not interested in party politics. I am telling you
my view, straight forward.
I cannot understand why SLORC doing stupid things. The forced to the people
and demanding "do this, do that" and their instruction are always stupid and
not good manner. Their words using for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi are VERY VERY
rude and childish.( Saying Bo Ga daw, using Suu Kyi and omit Aung San.) By
the way if I have to use like them, I can say Bo' Lynn to their stupid
father U Ne Win (Yadarna Nat Mae is not a Burmese citizen).
If SPDC really want to know about our will, let allow to NLD for public
meeting. Sorry, I am also becoming rude like them. I can not tolerate

NOTE: All are the opinions of the Burmese people from South Africa. I
compiled for Internet on-line.

With Metta
Thein Win
1 November 1998