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NDF statement in English (r)

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Statement of the National Democratic Front regarding the military regime
( SPDC) who oppressed the numerous members of NLD<br>
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Date: November 14, 1998.<br>
- The military regime ( SPDC ), have been forcing numerous township
Organizer who are NLD members, namely from the townships of Sittwe,
Ponnagyun, Myit Kyi Na, Wine Maw , Than Phu Za Yat and&nbsp; Beline to
resign from their NLD&nbsp; membership by signing resignation papers and
to hand over NLD billboards and all document papers concerning NLD, which
will be given to township General Election Commission. <br>
-The NLD is a legal political party that registered by political party's
registration No 4/88, so it has become legitimacy since September, 1988,
so NLD has rights to enact democratic principals according to
- NLD's constitution paragraph 9 (B) says that any member who wishes to
resign, is permitted to do so, after meeting and discussing with the
Executive Committee in various levels.<br>
- SPDC has been using pressure and force in the above townships, in order
to force the NLD members to resign, to hannd over their billboards and
any documental&nbsp; papers, and further move, all NLD seals to the SPDC
 . Therefore, we NDF, strongly oppose these undemocratic actions.<br>
- The NLD is a political party that had won a land-slide victory,
receiving an over whelming vote by the people, in the election that was
held on May 27, 1990. Consequently, the NDF belives that the stand and
activities of the NLD are legitimate and reflects the true will and
desire of&nbsp; the people. The NDF is also convinced that it is
inevitable for the NLD to take the stand and act, as it has done. <br>
- Therefore, we , NDF, strongly request the international community who
love democracy and justice to put pressure in various ways on the
military dictator namely State Peace and Development Council ( SPDC ) who
abused the NLD won in 1990 a multi-party election, especially the latest
acts of force and oppression used to make NLD members resign.<br>
Central Executive Committee<br>
National Democratic Front<br>