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NDF statement in English

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Statement on the National Democratic Front on the SPDC's Fake Mass
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Date- October 31, 1998<br>
State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) has been holding the mass
rallies across the country since September 24, 1998. Regarding these fake
mass rallies by the SPDC, National Democratic Front (NDF) clarifies it's
views as follows.<br>
So-called &quot;Mass Rallies&quot; have been organized by the SPDC where
people are forced to take part against their will in different parts of
Burma. NDF notes that such rallies are just for the SPDC's faceless
attempt to gain international community opinion that regime is supported
by the people of Burma.<br>
Some representatives at the rallies requested the SPDC to maintain the
current prosperous era in the country while people are enjoying the
economic development and peace and stability are prevailed. Such
statements are obvious lies that are totally contradictory to the genuine
situation of the country. These rallies do not represent the real desire
of the people of Burma at all.<br>
Calling for disband National League for Democracy and deportation of Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi in these fake rallies also do not reflect the desire of
the people. In fact, people are forcibly ordered to say whatever the SPDC
officials have prepared for them.<br>
Currently, in the economic sector of Burma, the price of basic
commodities has reached at the highest level and there is an enormous
high inflation rate in the country. Peace and stability are not restored
and people are living under fear. Military are committing all form of
abuses by force and people are suffering all kinds of mistreatment
NDF points out that the genuine will of people would surely be the result
of the 1990 elections in which people from all walks of class expressed
their desire by voting for the NLD. The genuine desire of the people can
be obviously seen in the result of the election where NLD won with the 82
percent of the vote.<br>
NDF strongly urges all the democracy-loving people of Burma, ethnic
groups, foreign governments, parliaments and NGOs to give all-round
support to the Committee representing the people's Parliament composed of
ten members by the NLD and to insert more concrete pressure towards the