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Decoders Donated to Hospital, Schoo

Subject: Decoders Donated to Hospital, Schools and OSS

What are these "decoders," how do they work, and why would they be needed in
a hospital, in a school and in a nest of spies?

Is this but another crack-pot psuedo article, or is there something here
about about a woman's home, an orthopedic hospital and a youth training
school that I'm not understanding?

And why is this "discovery channel regional director" meeting the minister
with the bizarre title at yet another "Tatmadaw Guest HOuse"

Clarifications welcome.

 - - - - - - 
Information Sheet A-0669 (1)
4) Decoders Donated to Hospital, Schools and OSS

A ceremony to donate decoders for use in Office of  Strategic Studies,
Ministry of Defence, Defence Services Orthopaedic Hospital and Youth
Schools under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement by
Regional Director Mr Sangay Khanna of Discovery Channel, Discovery
Communication, India, was held at the Tatmadaw Guest House on Innya Road in
Kamayut Township, Yangon on 27 October. First, Mr Sangay Khanna explained to
those present the purpose of the donation. He then presented one decoder
to Col Than Myint for DSOH, Principal U Win Zaw for Youth Training School,
Hla Yi for Women's Home (Yangon) and Col Thein Swe for (OSS). Col Than Myint
thanked the donor for all.