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Press Release No.38


						KNU Press Release  No. 38
					Regarding Human Rights Violation by SPDC

															October 30,1998

Toun-goo District

* 10-10-98: Troops from SPDC army IB 26 went into Pway-baw-doe area, 
Tan-ta-bin township and destroyed and burned down all hill paddy 
fields and huts they saw. On that day troops  from SPDC army IB 48 
also went He-daw-kho area and destroyed 15 paddy fields.

*Per-Kaw-Doe, Maw- Ko-doe and Der-doe village in Than-daung township 
were ordered by SPDC  southern command commander Gen. Tin Aye to 
relocate their villages to Baw-ga-li and Toun-goo at the last date on 
October 31, 1998 . According to that order troops from SPDC  IB 234 
forcibly relocate the villagers to the west part of Ka-la-wa area and 
took away all villagers valuable materials, picking villagers 
cardamom and sold them to Baw-ga-li village. Due to that order by 
Gen. Tin Aye, 42 paddy fields at Per-kaw-doe, 11 at Maw-ko-doe and 7 
at De-doe owned by villagers had to be abandoned. 

*17-10-98: Troops from SPDC army LIB 234extorted 700,000 Kyats and 
all commodity worth 100,000 kyats from villagers from Htee-hsa-per 
village namely Saw Ta Taw Tor, Saw Maung Soe, Ha Ma Ra, and Saw Paw 
Oo while returning from shopping at Baw-ga-li. They were then sent to 
battalion commander later and a ransom of 250,000 kyats had to be 
paid for their release.

*18-10-98: The SPDC army destroyed all villagers hill paddy fields in 
Saw-tay-doe and Si-hkeh-doe area. On that day troops from SPDC army 
IB 26 shot and ate away 2 oxen owned by Saw Poe Pa  2 cows and 2 
calves own by Saw Seh Ka Taw at Pway-haw-doe village.

Nyang-la-bin District

*4-10-98: Troops from SPDC army arrested 17 villagers from 
Hkeh-po-doe village without in any reason in afterwards released 15 
of them while 2 were still under arrest. On the next day at 7. A.m. 
that army took away all food, clothing and house hold materials from 
that village. This army was also gathering food supplies to paddy 
fields in Ka-waw-kho, Ka-pah-hta, Kwee-du-kor and Paw-baw-khee area.

*7-10-98: Troops from LIB 364 shot and killed a villager from 
Nya-pa-day-khee village without and reason and they also destroyed 
10 paddy fields in that area.

*16-9-98: Troops from SPDC army IB 73led by commander Sann Myint 
together with some troops from IB 26 went into Yaw-Khee area and 
totally destroyed 9 paddy fields.

*18-10-98: At 2 p.m. troops from SPDC army went into Ma-wa village 
and burned down 8 houses which belonged to (1)Moory Pah (2)Hsa Wah 
Pet Pu (3)Naw Ta Paw (4) Law Kalu Paw Moe (5) Po lay Tay (6)Moo Htoo 
moe (7)Seh Klo Pa and (8) Plo  Doe Moo Moe.