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It is time to break ...

Mr. Okkar,

	You all take much liberty in defaming the most respected leader, Daw Aung
San Suu Kyi, but are afraid to allow Oppositions to raise their voices.
Make sure if these defamatory writings are in line with the censorship
guidelines imposed on other Journalists and writers. 
	The technique of presenting the mixture of lies and facts to mislead
people is already obsolete. Mention of the list of articles sent by Mr.
Aris to DASSK couldn't make people believe the groundless accusation that
she accepted the foreign funds. Everyone knows that your daily "Mirror"
gives only distorted reflections. 
	The junta blamed Oppositions for using foreign media to tell the world
what's going on inside Burma. If junta wants to keep internal affairs
within, it should allow people to use domestic media freely. State's total
control over media and narrowly framed media policy make impossible for
people to exercise freedom of expression within the country. Blame
yourselves for all these happenings. 

New Delhi.