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Censorship! (r)

Dear Burma Net Advisors:

I am very surprised to learn that the Burma Net is no longer a free ground 
for all people interested in Burma.  Please think about your decision to 
impose censorship carefully.

In my past experience, I have been attacked on Burma Net.  You did not 
censor my attackers then, and your decision was right.  I and other 
readers were able to point out which facts were wrong and promote 
discussion between the parties. It is especially important for Burmese 
working towards democracy to practice free expression in this work.  

In Burma, the military regieme censors all newspapers and media.  They 
cannot tolerate free speech;  only those who blindly support them have a 
voice.  Surely those of us working to promote a democratic alternative 
to the military junta should act differently.  I do not think anyone should 
censor Burma Net.

You have not defined your standards for censoring messages, as well.  For 
example, you never censor messages with rude and inappropriate 
language used by someone to Okkar. But we never appreciated such a posting. 
All postings should be posted.  Readers will judge rude, cruel, and low 
language on its merits.  If you begin by censoring language, you will 
continue by censoring ideas.  For instance, if you decide that anti-NCGUB 
postings are wrong, then you will censor them.  This is no different than 
the Burmese government censoring opinions it does not agree with.

In conclusion, truth is relative.  The evil you know is better then the 
evil you don't know.  All postings should appear, and readers can discuss 
and debate them in a free manner.  This involves patience and maturity.  
I hope that the Burma Net will change to an open discussion platform soon 
that promotes free speech.  In the meantime, will you inform me and the 
public as to who the censors are, and what qualifications they hold?

Because my goal is to return to Burma as a journalist, critic, and 
writer, I believe strongly in the value of free expression.  I encourage 
you to do so as well. 

Htun Aung Gyaw