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From MIZZIMA News Group (r)

Indo-Burma border trade to be suspended

Imphal, Manipur
Date : November 14, 1998

The never smooth Indo-Burma border trade is once again to be suspended.
This time, it is going to be unilaterally sealed by the India side. The
All Communities Welfare Association of Moreh, the apex welfare body of the
Indian traders, decided yesterday that it will indefinitely suspend "all
trade across the border with Burma" and seal the border gates from
November 15 onwards in protest against "maltreatment of some Indian
traders by the Burmese authorities in Tamu (border township of Burma).
The decision was made in yesterday's day-long emergency meeting of the
association after the Burmese authorities abused some Indian traders the
day before yesterday.
According to local traders, Captain Khin Maung Myint, the new Chairman of
Tamu Township Peace and Development Council, abused four Indian traders
verbally when they went into Tamu on 12th November. The total 14 traders
were expelled from Tamu after they were badly abused by the Tamu Chairman
even though they were holding valid documents including entry passes with
due paid. Captain Khin Maung Myint was recently appointed by Rangoon
authorities as the border township chairman in the place of Captain Kaung
Zan Oo who was infamous with corruption. The Indian traders were angry
that Captain Khin Maung Myint not only maltreated their colleagues but
also placed several restrictions on the trade and not allowed any Burmese
to cross the border from Burma. They decided to suspend all trade with
Tamu side until the new restrictions were eased and the captain changed
his behaviour.
Ironically, the need to step up the border trade was raised in recent
high-level meetings between Burma and India during a visit of India's
Commerce Secretary Mr. P.P. Prabhu to Rangoon in late October. Both
authorities reportedly agreed to continue the border trade without any
restrictions. The Indo-Burma border trade, which started three years ago,
is currently mainly carried on through Moreh in Manipur State of India and
Tamu on the Burmese side. 
By : MIZZIMA News Group