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to Burmanet editor (r)

>From nin@xxxxxx Sun Nov 29 12:19:47 1998
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 13:22:28 +0000 (!!!First Boot!!!)
Subject: Re:UN/World Deal for Myanmar

Max Zane wrote:
> If Myanmar accepts the UN/World bank deal,there will be no more Myanma
> pride and nationalism practised and doted by Myanmar will have to be
> burried.So do not be mistaken about the deal.If Myanmar accepts the
> deal, it means that Myanmar is no longer ruled by Myanmar.Myanmar
> should stand on its own feet and show the rest of the world it can.
> For Myanmar
> Max

Dear Max,

I am replying your posting on ad hoc basis. This UN/WB deal is
designed to save everybody's face while one has to take critical
decisions. In other words, it facilitates decision makers to
overcome personal prides and egos graciously and to turn their
focus on the benefit of the people who are living inside the
country which used to be Burma and recently renamed as Myanmar.

For the peoples of Burma(Myanmar) sake: for their safety, food,
shelter, health, education and the future of the next generations,
*SPDC should accept the deal*.

I would like to request you to stop playing a distracted game
by using the country's name differently and exercising divide and
rule policy. We will not be side-tracked and busy arguing about
names. What is in the name after all? - except few twists and
turns of the down side of politics. Please remember the good side
of politics. It still exists and does not rest. It works for the
people (i.e. exclusively for the people), not for the elites
and neither to brush their egos and false prides.

People who believe in humanity also believe in good governance
and the existence of the good side of politics. Again, this
believe lies in the heart of all human-beings with various degrees -
from the small amount of faith mixed with full of doubts to the
largest amount of faith with no doubt at all.

My personal and professional opinion on the deal is the following.
If someone truly think about the benefit of the "the peoples of
Burma (Myanmar)" should now focus their lobby work upon the
cabinet of SPDC and its Ambassadors to explain plainly that
how much we, the Burmese peoples, would like them to have a grace
in order to accept the UN/WB deal!

With metta,
(Dr. Khin Ni Ni Thein)
Working for the peoples of Burma(Myanmar)
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a non-governmental, non-profit, educational foundation working for
the Burmese peoples by promoting and improving their access to
research and training opportunities and education in the water and
rural sector in Burma and abroad.
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