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Information  Sheet

                                 N0.A-0699 (I)          19th November 1998 

((1)		Secretary-1 Presents Prizes to Outstanding Students and Schools 

		Expenditures on Education Increased up to K 5,108.30 Million in 1997-98
		Chairman of the Myanmar Education Committee Secretary-1 of the State Peace
and Development Council Lt Gen Khin Nyunt presented prizes to the Basic
Education High School students for their outstanding performance in the
1997-98 academic year and Basic Education High Schools for their outstanding
performance all round at Basic Education High School No 2 in Sangyoung
Township on 18 November. Chairman of MEC Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt
delivered an address. In his address, the education sector is mainly
responsible for promoting and disseminating advanced technology and emergence
of intellectuals and intelligentsia who would effectively contribute to
national progress. Hence, the main aim of the national education policy is to
nurture and turn out Myanmar new generation intellectuals and intelligentsia
who would cherish and safeguard, build and defend the nation.

		To realize this aim, the education sector is practising all-round developed
education system geared up for parallel  improvement of the new generation
student youths' morale, discipline and education. At the same time, the
eduction promotion programme is being implemented to be on a par with
international standard education. As all-round efforts have been made, it is
heartening to see a greater number of outstanding students and outstanding
schools all round year after year. The government had been presenting
deserving prizes to them every year and the present ceremony was the sixth so
far. About 370,000 pupils sat for the 1997-98 BEHS Examination throughout the
country of whom over 94,000 passed in the A list. 47 outstanding pupils
emerged when those who stood between the first and tenth positions were chosen
based on their total marks obtained. The gold and silver awards would be
presented to the outstanding pupils.

		Regarding the prize-winning schools for their performance all round, 16
BEHSs were selected from the States and Divisions considering their
performance in physical, intellectual, moral character, aesthetic and
vocational education. Emergence of a school outstanding all round resulted
from collective tripartite efforts of the parents, the teachers and the
pupils, teachers' discharge of duties well, their unity and their earnest

		The government is committed to the conviction that education is an
investment for the future nation. Accordingly, the government is investing in
the student youths to turn them into intelligent new generation youths so that
the nation can rely on them in future. The government increased its
expenditures on education up to K 5,108.30 million in 1997-98 compared with K
1,055 million in 1988-89. The expenditures rose roughly five times.
Moreover, effective changes were made in education sector including extended
organizational set-up, curriculum improvement and education promotion
programmes which are being implemented systematically. Over 300,000 persons
are employed in the basic education sector with nearly 39,000 basic education
schools and over seven million pupils. To ensure effectiveness in nurturing
and improving the employees in training, administrative and teaching tasks,
the Basic Education Department was expanded and reconstituted as the Education
Planning and Training Department, No 1 Basic Education Department (Yangon), No
2 Basic Education Department (Mandalay) and No 3 Basic Education Department
(Yangon City), totalling four. As such, the education sector would be more
systematically nurturing and turning out good sons and daughters who would be
able to shoulder the duties of the State in future.

		The Secretary-1 emphasized that the present prize distribution ceremony
stood witness to the fact that a large number of good sons and daughters who
would be able to bring about development of the nation in future had emerged.
Then, Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt accepted K 1.7 million donations for
education trust funds.

(2)		Press Release of Central Bank of Myanmar

		The Central Bank of Myanmar will put into circulation a new denomination of
One Thousand Kyats currency note with effect from November 25, 1998. The new
currency note will be issued to the public at the Currency Department of the
Central Bank of Myanmar, Banks and Government Treasuries during the banking
hours. All legal tender currency notes and coins will continue to be in

(3)		Stimulant Tablets Seized 

		Acting on information, members of regional Myanmar Police Force searched a
Pajero driven by Saw Saw, 30, at Nawnghkio check-point, Shan State (North), on
6 November. MPF members seized pink colour WY brand 4,000 stimulant tablets
from the pocket of Saw Saw's jacket. Nawnghkio Township MPF Station has taken
action against Saw Saw, Lashio Township, under the Narcotic Drugs and Psycho-
trophic Substances Law.

(4)		Teachers of Basic Education Department Leave for Japan

		Under the arrangement of Japan International Cooperation Agency, 20 teachers
led by U Zaw Min Oo of Basic Education Department of the Ministry of Education
left Yangon for Japan by air on 18 November  to study education matters for a

(5)		Pilgrims Leave for Bodh Gaya (Birth-Place of Buddha)

		The members of Bodh Gaya pilgrimage No 7/98 left Yangon for Calcutta on 18
November under the arrangement of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The
pilgrims will hold reordination and ordination ceremonies there.