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News (r)

After demanding to convene the Parliament, SPDC proceeded to arrest the NLD
members and its supporters throughot the country. Within the arrest, the
NLD members and its supporters from Tavoy, Yephu, Longlon and Thayetchaunng
townships in Tenasserim Division, totally 156 were arrested in September.
Some were released, yet over 70 were still in arrest. Among them, U Khin
Maung, 82, who once was an ex-politician was arrested on 9 September by MI.
On 21 September, he died in the MI's custody as a seriously cruel torture. 
Why that is, during the 1990 May election period, the NLD won all seats in
Tenasserim Division and U Tin Myint, a MP from Thayetchaunng township
defeated a rival from NUP with 91.1% ballots. The SPDC, therefore,  was a
serious suppression to the NLD members and its supporters in Tenasserim