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test (r)

The BurmaNet News is an electronic newspaper covering Burma. 
Articles from newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the wire 
services and the Internet as well as original material are published.    
It is produced with the support of the Burma Information Group  
(B.I.G) and the Research Department of the ABSDF.  We are also  
grateful to many other friends around the world who send us articles 
to post. 
The BurmaNet News is e-mailed directly to subscribers and is 
also distributed via the soc.culture.burma and seasia-l mailing lists.  
For a free subscription to the BurmaNet News:  
send a message to: majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx    
a. For the BurmaNet News only:  
    in the message, type:    subscribe burmanews-l 
b. For the BurmaNet News and 4-5 other messages a day: 
    in the message, type:     subscribe burmanet-l   
(NOTE: all lower case letters, last letter is a lower case "L", not the  
numeral one). 
Letters to the editor, comments or contributions of articles should be  
sent to the editor at: strider@xxxxxxxxxxx