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Ko Tun Aung Gyaw

Dear Ko Tun Aung Gyaw,
The letter is not a translation by me.  It was a direct letter from 
Naing Aung to U Sein Win.  I want to tell you something.  Do not forget 
you were the first Chairman of ABSDF.  You have a responsibility to 
response the corruption among the ABSDF leadership.  We want you to say 
something, it is wrong to do such a adultery.  Especially the 
leadership.  The leaders have to secrifice their desire and feeling to 
show the followers that they can control wrong doing, they are morally 
strong and they have ethics.  If they want to do what ever they want, 
they need to resign as a leader and serve as the ordinary member.  
I hope you will remember me, when you came to our camp to meet with the 
campers at Thee baw Boo, nine years ago, I shaked your hand together 
with U Myo Chit.  U Myo Chit respect you very much, he told me that you 
have a good heart.  If you do not remember it is OK, because it is hard 
for you to remember all members.  Our camp created a problem to you and 
GS Ko Than Win which was not necessary and not fair.  When you announced 
that you already resigned, the camp committee said there is no problem 
at all.  It was very clear for me that they created a problem because 
they were jeleous of your popularity.  Do not think  I am criticizing NA 
as the same way.  I have no jealously or personal hate but ABSDF is not 
a socializing group, go out with different women and men.  ABSDF is a 
revolutionary organization and it is our hope.  We do not want the 
shameless people to lead ABSDF.  Please consider it deeply and speak out 
for the grass root members.  We are counting on you.  It is your duty 
and you know that Naing Aung, Thaung Tun and Zaw Oo are never been 
honest to our cause.


Aung Baw

The Baw Boo Camp.   
>Dear Ko Aung Baw.  I have a question for you.  The letter you posted as 
>Naing Aung letter to U Sein Win was an original one or it was 
>from Burmese to English.  I am confused and do not know how to response 
>this matter.  But thanks for your valuable information.
>with best regards
>Ko Htun Aung Gyaw

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