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No Justice in Faking Political Asyl (r)

Dear all:

OK.  I am happy to see fire in your writings.  It seems that my nightmares are
becoming true.
I was hoping that the revolution would produce a selfless, patriotic young
people with unnegociatable spirit of truth and sacrifice.

But my nightmare was that the revolution, by (political) genetic mistake, does
produce a selfseeking, indoctrinated young people with a strange, evil
combination of bad spirits inherrited from former BSPP and some bad
"democratic forces."
Just like Ne Win and his second class leaders, these young people promote the
"idea" that those once stood "forefront" of the "revolution" should be
considered a "distinct previleged group."  You all must be well aware that Ne
Win invented "quotas" for public administrative posts and "distributed" these
post to his loyal "old comrades" or "vetrans."
>From clerk position to cabinet level, all are filled by Ne Win's comrades.
All civilians were pushed out of civil administration.

I would like to clarify my position here that I am not defending Htun Aung
Gyaw.  He might have, as some ex-ABSDF members alleged, mishandled his
orgnizational fund.  He might have been expelled from the organization for
this reason.  So a person has done some mistakes and he has been punished
enough.  He is now doing what he can in his new life and at his new place.

My point is I am reminding you to review your categorization of "WHO, among
the citizens of Burma," should get more or less privileges of protection from
other countries.

I do belong to this 8888 revolution and have worked not less than you have.  I
still call it revolution while others think it has changed to a "evolution."

The revolution I understand is to change people's attitudes towards society
and its system.
Unless we don't change our evil attitudes towards our own people, there will
be no revolution.  Whosoever promote the idea that 8888 people alone should
get some privileges offerred by third countries is anti-revolutionary, anti-
people, anti-truth.

I promise you that you will never see my name in future Burmese politics and
never beg an administrative position or a welfare-quota for I once stood
afront the revolution.

I also would like you to understand my position that I am not your enemy.  In
fact and feeling, I am an ally to you.  But, if you insist that we are a
privileged group of the Union of Burma, I have to consider you as public
enemies and will have to continue this "online war" till you change your
attitude.  This is one of the revolutions I want to do most.  Attitudes are
the most important foundations in remaking our society and country.

Against Any Special Privileged Group in Burma.

Myo Thant