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Italian journalist turned away from

Italian journalist turned away from Myanmar
Mon 17 Aug 98 - 16:00 GMT 

BANGKOK, Aug 17 (AFP) - An Italian journalist was turned back at Yangon's
international airport by military authorities who accused him of using an
improper way of entry, official Myanmar media reported Monday.

Belgium-based Maurizio Giouliano was refused entry to Myanmar after
arriving at Yangon airport on Sunday, TV Myanmar said in a broadcast
monitored here.

"He was found to have falsely stated his occupation as a student in his
visa application," it said.

He was found to have failed to apply for the proper standard journalist
visa, according to the report.

It was the Italian national's second trip to Yangon this month, the report

"We know they are here," a junta official told AFP, referring to numerous
foreign reporters travelling to Myanmar. "They can come once, they can come
twice but after that they won't come back again."

Last weekend authorities deported 18 foreign pro-democracy activists after
suspending five-year prison sentences on them on charges of attempting to
incite unrest in the country.

The 18 were detained on August 9 for handing out leaflets promoting
democracy and human rights.