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Ripples in the water

Dear Readers, one and ALL,

I received many e-mails in response to my recent postings. With all
my respect to your valuable time, I share only one e-mail to you.
I will take a-week-silence from now in order to give chance to
other contributers. 

My conclusion remark is, 'a third fish who cannot speak: creates
ripples in the water'. It will surely reach the shore of BURMA! 
We have 2228 Kilometer long coastline. 

Sorry about the choice of example, I can't leave 'Water' alone.
'Water' is my another passion. ~ ~  be happy and not thirsty.
With metta and solidarity,
Dr. Daw Khin Ni Ni Thein                              Date 28 May 1998

Dear Dr. Daw Ni,

I'm not going to write about the fish in the ocean or in the river in
commemoration of the IYO (International Year of the Ocean that will fall
on 8 June).

A few minutes ago I had encountered the internet's democracy 
struggle-cycle. Someone described about the name Ni Ni
in relation with the third fish story. I received an excerpted
e-mail (incomplete message..) in which I saw your name exactly 
as Dr. Daw Khin Ni Ni Thein.

What I understood was that you or some body wrote this story defending
silent person on the democracy side in one of the internet-literature
facets about the third fish. He/she could not differentiate whether 
third fish or third phase in his incomplete message, but what
I learned was the the author was critized by one active anti-government 
writer as favouring the opportunists who could not use their name in 
describing anti-dictatorship ideas or something like that. He/she say 
that could loose your credibility. So I could not stand this way of 
misinterpretation on us.

So I was furious about their accusation and misunderstanding on the
people who inspire democracy and fight the authoritarian rule from any
front by every delicate means rather than becoming a member of one
organization whch can stand openly as active anti-government Group
outside Burma.

People who believe in Democracy are not all cowards. People who believe
in democracy are not all fighting by weapons. People who love the truth
are not all opportunists. After 18 September 1988, people who supported
democracy uprising and who participated in the movements were all in
same danger as ones who could decide to go out across the border and
stay in Karen state and the ones who now are so open and active outside
Burma. We made our very hard choice to stay in Burma by exposing to the
unpredicable circumstances under the furious killers. Therefore at that
time, both of those who were in or out faced the danger of risking their
their lives. I want these people who characterized us as opportunists to
see themselves if they really have the courage to risk their lives for
real success of democracy or any level of achievement while they are
able to enjoy unemployment and luxury of staying in the rich countries.
And extremely important thing is they should know that Burma's democracy
is competing with most cunning and ruthless military general who can
order 500, 000 soldiers to do things as he likes. These people should be
under no illusions about the dictator's brutality towards his own people
or his capacity for dividing the opposing forces and keeping them in the
weakness through sucidal fighting each other. 

People who are constantly seeking the ways in supporting the
democracy-forces are actually not enemies for the ones who are active in
democracy struggle. They are *alternative powerful weapons* in the process
of eradicating the dictatorship not only in Burma but also on the earth.

Insulting the other alone will never bring the power of democracy. One
who is to be effective democracy-fighetr need enomous amount of patience
and diligence. People of every family including among the current
military generals' homes in Burma are struggling for human rights and
democracy in one way or another in their daily-life while they are
surving or living with this current reality of low economy, lawlessness
and ignorance.

I talk(in fact whispered) about all these things to those whom I trust. 
I told them I was extreemely serious on this matter but I always tried 
not to fall to the trap of dictator and not to loose the chance to 
strengthen ourselves to grow and know more towards the goal of freedom 
and dignity of Burma and Burmese people as long as we are alive. 
It still makes me up to this moment to be attached with hope for the 
success of democracy in Burma, Dr. Daw Ni.

I think I have robbed your time by exploiting the friendship. But I
really want you to see our stand clearly and continue the honourable
effort for BURMA. Because we believe in you and your commitment.

Best regards,

take care and keep well.

Sincerely yours,

XXX (a) Your third fish

P.S...When I first met you, I sympathized you so much of this
formidable task and your passion on the freedom and development 
of our country.

I still do not have a courage to use my name in writing anti or a little
anti Burma's Military Government. However, .............................
I am your third fish.