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Bangkok post and The National(29/5/

News headlines:
1:)Opposition meeting ends
2:)Border tensions continue
3:)Illegal workers returning

Opposition meeting ends

Rangoon, Reuters

About 400 members of Burma's National League for Democracy opposition party
resumed a special gathering yesterday focusing on ways to speed up dialogue
with the ruling military junta, NLD sources said.
	The second and final day of the gathering in the lakeside residences of
NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi, which marks the eight anniversary of the
party's landslide May 1990 election, went ahead with the junta's blessing. 
	The military never recognised the poll victory.
	"We discussed a wide range of subjects, including political and social
problems, but mainly focused on how to seek a peaceful political situation
in Burma via dialogue," said a delegate.
	On Wednesday, Mrs. Suu Kyi addressed the gathering to praise the ruling
State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) for allowing the meeting, but
demanded it convene parliament and recognise her party's sweeping victory
in 1990 elections. She also sought dialogue with the military, saying it
could not be avoided to resolve a domestic political stalemate.
	Yesterday, the atmosphere at the gathering was relaxed without military
disturbance and some checkpoints at roads near Mrs. Suu Kyi's home were
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Border tensions continue

Tak- A standoff between Thai authorities and a Burmese minority group is
continuing, although three Thai officials who were briefly detained by
Burmese soldiers were freed on Wednesday. 
	More than 300 border patrol policemen remain deployed along the Moei River
in Tha Song Yang district across from a Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
stronghold to ensure security.
	After Thai police arrested a young DKBA member on Tuesday night for
allegedly selling amphetamines on the Thai side, the situation worsened
when the group fired on a local police station with heavy weapons,
prompting a 30-minute exchange of fire between both sides, In exchange for
the release of the DKBA member, three Thai officials who crossed the river
to talk with Burmese soldiers, who support the group, were detained and
later released safely.
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Illegal workers returning

Expelled illegal Burmese workers have adopted a new tactic by trying to
return to Thailand as displaced persons, a labor official at Mae Hong Son
province said yesterday. Dirke Thachan said illegal workers who had been
deported were taking advantage of inland fighting and escaping to Thai camps.
	"The number of displaced Burmese in border camps at present has increased
following severe suppression on illegal workers in Bangkok and other
provinces. On their escaping route from Bangkok to the border, they sneak
into the camps," Diresaid.
	The number of displaced people is expected to increase in the coming
weeks, especially in the Mae Hong Son and Tak provinces, as authorities
prepare to conduct a nationwide crackdown on illegal immigrants on Monday.
	However, these illegal workers are expected to use camps as temporary
shelters before they sneak back to work, Direk said. It has been reported
that a large number of Shan, ethnic Burmese, had already sneaked into the
camp at Mae Hong Son's sub-district Pang Mapha.
	At present, about 100,000 displaced Burmese are sheltered at 11 camps
along the border.
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