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to Dr. Sann Aung from John Morton

Dear Sann Aung:

I was sorry to read that Thein U and the others were arrested at NCGUB house,
where I often visited with them. I hope that they will be released soon. This
is a very bad turn of events for the Thai government. They are incapable of
taking a moral position. Its so hard to imagine the gentle Thein U in a Thai

Things are not so good here either. Of course not as bad as Thailand, but the
chaos and disaster seems to lie just beneath the pleasant surface of things.
Humans everywhere are such dangerous creatures. Its a game of violence,
mental, emotional, or physical. They all suffer, but no one can admit what is
really happening. It is so disheartening.

Well, sorry to complain about your species! Nothing we can do anyway, just try
to make the best of it. I may be coming to Bangkok in one month, if the courts
let me go and if i have saved enough money. I am tired of here for now, and
would like to see my friends in Thailand again. But I may have to come back
here again and try to make a go of it. 

Hope you remain well, and out of jail. If you can think of something for me to
do on this end, please tell me.

John Morton